Hosted VoIP Telephone System

Evotec PriorITel Enterprise VoIP Hosted Business Communications system

The Evotec PriorITel Enterprise VoIP solution is based on the world-renowned Siemens OpenScape Voice solution – a robust and secure system from a world-leading communications vendor that will deliver significant improvements to your organisation’s business productivity and customer satisfaction.

Delivered across Telstra’s national IP network this to provide your organisation with the latest cost effective, versatile and user friendly IP Telephony features.

As it is a hosted solution, your business no longer has to invest in, maintain and upgrade expensive, on-site hardware. By accessing the PriorITel Enterprise VoIP web portal, your administrators can make changes instantly and deal with issues swiftly. And our PriorITel helpdesk is available 24/7 for immediate assistance.

The Siemens OpenScape Voice solution is recorgnised by Gartner and Sinclair Partners as a world leading solution that is currently in use in more than 20 countries by enterprise and government organisations.

Importantly it features redundant servers and backup systems that will deliver a guaranteed 99.9% up-time.
You have full control over your voice solution with simple self administration through a web portal, while Evotec ITC maintains the core platform and manages upgrades and user training.

Evotec PriorITel Enterprise VoIP is available in three levels:

  1. Business
  2. SME
  3. Enterprise

Additional options include:

  • Call Centre
  • High Definition Director/Boardroom Video Conferencing
  • OpenScape Alarm Response and Gate View.

However, all customers have access to the full range of features if they require more capability to suit their unique business requirements.

Further customisation of features is also possible, which means the Evotec PriorITel Enterprise VoIP offering can be customised to suit your organisational requirements.

Each level of Evotec PriorITel Enterprise VoIP includes a range of individual user and group features, so you can choose the feature set that best meets your needs.

Evotec PriorITel Enterprise VoIP Hosted Telephony features includes:

  • Mobility – take and make calls on one number anywhere anytime, and never miss a call
  • Outlook integration
  • Telstra IP Services can provide up to twice the clarity of ordinary phone calls, through the latest in High Definition (HD) voice
  • Send and receive voice mail as email
  • Set your call status and preferences via the web portal or your mobile phone
  • Video Conferencing and Collaboration is integrated as standard – allowing staff to communicate and work together more effectively and reduce travel costs.
  • Receptionist duties can be shared between staff and branches
  • Call centre functionality can be applied to any individual or group throughout your network
  • Presence visibility – staff will know the call status of their colleagues, so can avoid wasting time and missed calls and use the most appropriate mode of communication
  • User-based training portal so staff can access specific on-line training at any time.

For more information on Evotec PriorITel Enterprise VoIP Hosted Business Communications, contact Evotec on 1300 133 996.