SSP and Phone System Security

When you buy an Atos Unify telephone system you automatically receive 3 years of Unify Software Support, this means you will receive full system support along with software licence upgrades so your system stays current and protected at all times.

Continue your Success

After the 3 year period, your SSP needs to be renewed. This program is highly recommended and allows us to keep your system completely up to date and protected.

When choosing enterprise software, knowing your investment is protected is critical. You need to ensure you are always using the latest release of your software and that each release is secure. With SSP a combination of expert technical assistance, software updates, upgrades and access to comprehensive online resources are included.

For your peace of mind, you will know you have expert support standing by today, with upgrades for tomorrow.

Tips for a secure phone system

Like any device connected to the internet, VoIP phones can be targeted by hackers, many of these hackers are sophisticated and intend to hijack business phones for illicit calls leading to fraud, theft and other crime. Losing essential dollars to hackers can severely damage your bottom line. Secure settings, software updates and active monitoring of your phones router and phone system will help prevent intrusions, save you money, time and man power.

If you suspect you have been a victim of hacking, immediately disable the compromised device, generate a call detailed report to find out exactly joe many unauthorized calls were made using your phone system. Then call your service provider to report the incident and secure your devices.

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