Internet Failover

We believe to be necessary for all businesses is a 4G backup, ensuring you are never off the air. If

business continuity is important to you, dropouts from time to time are unacceptable and a 4G failover is the key to

keeping you online through any faults.

4G Backup

Unfortunately, business today needs the Internet in order to be effective. As most broadband circuits will originate from a single source irrespective of the provider, you need true redundancy in the form of a completely separate connection…..HELLO 4G data network The 4G network offers good usable speeds and is the ideal backup solution to keep your business connected. Previously an expensive option, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can now have 4G backup on your router

Proactively Managed Router Service

Evotec’s managed router service is a value-added service, we manage your routers remotely to keep you connected. An enterprise grade router is the building block of connectivity and managing it requires expertise to ensure minimal disruptions. With our managed router service, Evotec will be notified of any faults that may occur during business hours, giving you an enterprise grade solution without having to put time and money into training and hardware.

About us

With a portfolio unequalled in its breath and flexibility, over 30 years’ experience and three national offices, Evotec are committed to designing, implementing and supporting innovative technology solutions based on the unique requirements of your business.