Business IP is a pricing bundle consisting of a data access and an IPWAN port. It is available in five variants:

  • Business IP ADSL
  • Business IP Ethernet Lite (BDSL)
  • Business IP Frame Relay (FR)
  • Business IP Ethernet
  • Business IP Broadband (on NBN)

The main difference between Business IP and the standalone IP WAN and access service product offerings is the single price point. The IPWAN port is available with either Data Transfer Class of Service or Dynamic Class of Service.

The Business IP package is similar to Connect IP without the router and management or complimentary Internet access. Routers can be ordered separately via the Managed Data networks portfolio.

Features and Benefits

  • Time efficiency
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Mitigate risk
  • Improve efficiency
  • Business IP ADSL – E-Lite – Frame Relay