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OpenScape Alarm Response delivers high level automation and optimisation of vital communications in emergency, crisis and mission-critical environments.

Who needs OSCAR?

OpenScape Alarm Response – by Unify, formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications – is ideal for hospitals, aged care facilities, emergency service organisations, banks, hotels and utilities – any environment that has a need to:

  • Deliver vital or mission-critical messages to and/or conference mobile staff in the field.
  • Manage continual risk to human life and high-value systems and equipment
  • Improve employee mobility by helping to reduce error-prone, time-consuming and monotonous routines.

OSCAR enables a faster, more targeted response

Unify OpenScape Alarm Response works with your existing telephone system to improve safety and reduce risk by automating emergency response procedures. For example:

  • Place nurse calls via DECT/WLAN handsets (mostly in combination with external nurse call systems) – incl. callback to the patient
  • Send emergency calls triggering the positioning of the distressed user, also in combination with patient monitoring systems, transmit malfunction reports from external systems (e.g. industrial controls or alarm systems) to mobile technicians.
  • Exchange emergency information between the central office of a business and its branches.
  • Mobilise auxiliary fire brigade units, first responders, or emergency rescue teams, in conjunction with external command control computers
  • Evacuate production areas and buildings or alert police authorities, hospitals, schools, the press etc. in parallel.

OSCAR delivers ROI

  • Increased safety and OH&S compliance in high-risk work environments
  • Increases customer satisfaction – enables improved response times
  • Improve Employee Satisfaction – improves personal security in high-stress situations. Reduces the number of devices they need to carry
  • Reduces risk.

Key Features

  • Communicates with telephone system endpoints (mobile, stationary, DECT, WLAN), pagers and PCs or PDAs with special web clients
  • Accepts calls and dials users, but also through-connects audio sources and switches subscribers to bilateral calls or conferences
  • Offers special emergency call functions in HiPath networks, informs by announcements, display text or text messages
  • Communicates with host systems and external sensors or actuators
  • Locates handsets and tags/medallions both in DECT and in WLAN infrastructures
  • Can control PA systems and more…

GMD Pendant 300

GMD security medallions

GMD security medallions  feature a range of activatioFn methods: a large red alarm button, pull-cord alarm, man-down alarm, no-movement alarm.

In a healthcare environment, with its trespass-alarm, wandering patients can be detected when leaving or entering a defined area.

The units are trackable as location information to and from the alarm server can be sent either by DECT GAP or WiFi (the medallion uses the existing radio network).

The units are programmable by PC via USB interface and they feature audible and visual signalling and a paging tone.


  • Dimensions: approx. 91 x 50 x 21 mm (L x W x D w/out belt clip)
  • Weight: approx. 75g
  • Charging: inductively, no electrical contacts
  • Programming: via PC with USB interface
  • Stand-by time: 4 days typically
  • DECT Medallions (GMD-11, GMD-12) work with GAP cordless systems
  • WiFi Medallions (GMD-21, GMD-22) meet 802.11b/g
  • Location: by alarm server.

To arrange a demonstration of OpenScape Alarm Response, call Evotec – your Unify Premium Partner on 1300 133 996.

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