Evotec’s mobile account management team focuses on providing the ideal mobile handsets and devices and optimised mobile call and data plans to suit your business needs.

We present the best deals and then advise and facilitate:

  • Your company’s existing call plans and policies
  • What your staff want to do with their mobile phone, and the features that will enable them to complete those tasks
  • Your company’s current call patterns – how frequently calls are made, at what time, to whom, and for how long.

Today’s mobile device environment includes a myriad of options on mobile plans and devices. Evotec specialises in simplifying your decision regarding a handset/device and plan. We assess your requirements and recommend a solution that gives you innovative technology and uses innovative methods to control your mobile phone costs.

Call plans

We recommend call plans from Australia’s premier mobile carrier, Telstra. Telstra’s mobile offering consists of:

Access to Australia’s leading mobile network

The Telstra mobile network provides Australia’s leading geographical mobile coverage and most technologically advanced mobile network. You can select from 3G or 4G speeds on Telstra’s NextG™ network, with voice coverage that extends further than any other network in Australia. Users of the NextG™ network enjoy access to entertainment, news, exclusive FOXTEL™ by mobile channels, music, sport, games, e-mail, Yellow® Mobile, and maps – all on their mobile phone.

Competitive pricing and bonus offers

Telstra’s mobile call plans combine competitive call rates and outstanding benefits. As a Telstra mobile customer, your company may enjoy the following*:

  • FREE voice calls to mobile numbers on the same account
  • Sharing of unused included call credits
  • Per second charging
  • Choice of Member Plan Bonus Option
  • A Loyalty Bonus Credit if you already have your own phone or purchase one using Telstra’s Mobile Repayment Option
  • A port-in credit if you bring your mobile number across to Telstra from another phone company
  • Choice of the latest mobile phone – at $0 upfront when connected over 24 month contract

*The exact benefits your company enjoys will depend on the mobile plan selected and any eligible bonus options selected.


Evotec supplies and supports mobile handsets from a range of vendors. We believe decisions regarding mobile handsets are increasingly focused on the benefits a handset can offer the user. While the handsets can provide a dazzling array of functions, consumers are now focused on how those functions can improve their life, in business and personally. Today’s mobile handsets can allow you to:

  • Connect to the internet – browse web pages, at a time and place that is convenient for you
  • Receive e-mail – conveniently receive e-mail on your mobile, and check and answer it at your convenience
  • Access calendar functions – see your calendar, where and when you need to, without waiting until you return to the office
  • Take photographs – capture moments, without needing your standard camera
  • Make movies – explore your creative side with mini-movie capability
  • Play music and listen to the radio – entertain yourself with radio and music to pass the time.

Evotec selects mobile handsets from a wide range of vendors:

  • Samsung
  • Apple
  • Sony
  • Motorola
  • Nokia
  • LG
  • Sony
  • Telstra
  • BlackBerry.