aruba-accesspoints 700x243 Create smarter, more efficient spaces with IoT.

IoT is creating smarter, more efficient work spaces — intelligent meeting rooms, location services, and real time monitoring.

Aruba ClearPass can now profile any IoT device, integrate with multi-factor authentication for stronger device and app security, and provide deeper insights into security incidents. Its automated threat protection features ensure that each device is accurately given network access privileges with minimal hands-on IT interaction.

Evotec can help you move from legacy infrastructure to a mobile-first digital workplace, including planning, design, implementation, and integration.

While Aruba handles the WiFi, the surge in traffic to your services from WiFi, mobile and IoT means that your wired infrastructure may need an upgrade. Evotec can advise on high performing switches and more efficient cabling design to improve your connectivity reliability and speed.

Aruba can also assist with your communications by enabling secure Skype for Business traffic. Aruba gives you visibility into Skype for Business traffic, real-time voice and video calls, and wireless network performance with AirWave. Interactive dashboards make it easy to correlate call quality with client and network health, access call diagnostics, and view performance over time.

Aruba can automatically classify Skype for Business Traffic and track encrypted sessions and monitor network quality for better voice and video reliability as users roam. Call admission control ensures that Skype for Business-enabled mobile devices associate with the best Wi-Fi access point.

New 330 Series: Screaming fast 11ac Wave 2Aruba AP330

The new Aruba 330 Series access points provides the fastest gigabit data speeds and superb user experience for mobile devices and applications in a digital workplace.

Designed with an integrated HPE Smart Rate port to scale up to 2.5Gbps Ethernet over existing copper, the 330 Series allows enterprises to leverage their multi-gigabit Ethernet wired network infrastructures to eliminate bottlenecks.

These Wave 2 access points deliver multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) -aware ClientMatch to boost network efficiency and support the growing device density demands on your network.

ClientMatch ensures all devices have the fastest connection at all times. Multi-User MIMO capable devices can make use of ClientMatch.

The 330 Series access points come with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon installed to help remotely manage battery-powered Aruba Beacons.