sophos cloudSophos Cloud is the only integrated security solution that protects both Windows and Mac and manages mobile devices.

Sophos Cloud gives you a simple, intuitive user experience via a single, integrated console which makes it effortless to deploy, manage and maintain.

There’s no server to install and the management console is hosted in the cloud. So, you’ll be up and running in just 60 seconds.

Sophos Cloud is based on the same proven technology that protects over 100 million devices worldwide. It keeps your protection current with automatic updates and real-time lookups of suspicious files over any Internet connection.

Your role and user-based security policies follow each user across devices, platforms and locations.

It helps you stop malware with multiple layers of protection: web exploit detection, HIPS, buffer overflow protection and more.

Sophos Cloud reduces your attack surface by monitoring or restricting access to removable devices.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management in Sophos Cloud enables mobility for your users. Your road warriors can stay productive while keeping your corporate data secure, even on the move.

Reduce the risk of data breaches with remote wipe and anti-theft technologies

Enforce compliance with corporate policy: set password requirements, prohibit jailbreaking and control access to corporate email

Easily manage device inventory and policy from the same console you use for your workstations

High-Performance Server Protection

Sophos Cloud automatically recognises popular server applications and adapts the configuration automatically. It detects and blocks known and zero day viruses, Trojans, rootkits and other malware, so your servers and data remain safe.

Reduce Exposure with Web Control and Web Security

The web is one of the most common infection sources for enduser devices. Sophos Cloud protects your users with built-in web security. Additionally, the web control policy makes it easy to enforce safe and productive web usage wherever your users are: at work, at home or on the road.

Automatically block access to known malicious and infected websites

You can detect and block exploit code in JavaScript, PDFs and Flash objects. And it will effortlessly enforce web policy at the endpoint: no need for proxy servers, VPNs or application-specific configuration.

Intuitive Cloud Management

Sophos Cloud gives you clear visibility into all your users, their devices and their protection status.

You can deploy immediately, with no training required; built-in best practices provide effective security settings by default.

Sync with Active Directory for quick deployment and ongoing user and group management and limit policies to specific times to allow user flexibility outside of work hours.

Evotec is a Gold Sophos Partner – for a free demonstration for your enterprise, call Evotec IT Director Chris Molloy on 1300 133 996.