Contact Centre

Unified communications bring business benefits to your contact centre by improving agent productivity, efficiency, and agility.

Answer more calls with less

See the calls waiting and allow VIP customers to get through first.

Measure how well you service your customers through advanced reporting.

Improve customer service and first contact resolution.

Contact Centre

Intelligent routing

Inbound calls, faxes and emails are automatically and optimally assigned to the next available agent based on the longest idle time and the highest skill level.

Agent in multiple groups

An agent can be assigned to several queues with different skills

Preferred agent

This function means a customer can always be assigned the same contact partner in the contact centre.

VIP Support

Define whether specific customers are to be given preference and, hence, should reach a free agent faster.


Inbound calls for specific subjects can be assigned by wrap-up codes.


Queues are the basis of every contact centre. When all agents are busy, calls, faxes and emails can be dealt with depending on the skill level, the priority and the wait time. Callers on hold can be played announcements.


The caller can leave a call-back request if the wait time in the queue is too long for them. This call back request is sent to the agent’s voicemail.

Position announcements

Callers can be informed of their current waiting position by an announcement.

User Portals

The myAgent user portal provides agents with convenient functions for processing and wrapping up calls, faxes and emails. The myReports user portal makes it possible for users to create statistics on Contact Centre resource utilisation according to various criteria.

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Phone made for WFH

The CP700x is the ideal work from anywhere phone, designed with plug and play in mind, the CP700x allows you to connect to your Office phone system without a PC. 

The Wi-Fi  capabilities of the CP700x allow you to work from anywhere while connected to your office system, have door phone access, both audio and video, from home and is 5G compatible.

The Bluetooth allows you to pair your mobile to the device to answer all calls through your handset and allows you to pair earbuds or a wireless headset for ease of conversation.   

See it for yourself

Want to see what the CP700x is capable of and how it can make your WFH life easier. Let us show you. 

Visual Wallboards

Keep on top of your operations by displaying active telephony statistics in real time on a large display, desktop or mobile device. Live dashboard information is indelibly powerful. It provides instant performance indicators at a glance, allowing managers to react to situations as they happen. You want to know about a high number of lost calls or an unsatisfactory number of sales as it happens, a visual wallboard will allow you to do just that.

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