Future Proof

With consideration of your organisations practises and goals Evotec will create a tailored solution that will assist you today and in the future. 

Improved efficiency & productivity.

Enable a mobile and remote workforce.

Integrated experience.

Reduced IT and telephony costs.

Unified communications

Unify OpenScape Business

Unify’s OpenScape Business platform is a contemporary, future-proof solution for the communication and collaboration needs of today’s small and medium sized businesses. Unified Communication takes all the ways your staff communicate and integrates them into a single place in a flexible, user friendly and scalable solution. What your staff get is a consistent user experience however they choose to use the system.

myPortal for Desktop

myPortal for Desktop is an advanced software client, you can handle and enjoy all features and functions of Unified Communications available on Unify OpenScape Business. myPortal for Desktop is available with different themes that will allow to customize display.

myPortal for Outlook

myPortal is a feature-rich unified communications app for Windows and IOS desktops. With a headset, it allows busy staff to multi-task and handle a high volume of calls efficiently.

The UC Suite platform goes further than UC Smart and fully integrates with Microsoft Outlook. You don’t have any new application interfaces, just an enhances version of Outlook with everything you need.

UC Features

Away from Keyboard

UC Suite provides an away from keyboard function. Setting "Away from Keyboard" indicates who is available at their desk with an individual setting for each user to activate the feature at any time. By seeing who is available and who is no, better readability improves teamwork and productivity.

Callback Required

Callback Required can now be generated directly from an email connected to the UC Suite Call Journal. Selecting Callback Required brings up a pre-filled email window.

Improves first time resolution rate and customers satisfaction.

Presence Indication

UC Suite provides many different presence indications. With OpenScape Business you are able to incorporate presence into Microsoft Outlook. This allows for improved teamwork, when sending an email you can see if the person is free for a quick call, enabling all staff to be on the same page in real-time.

Dial-in Audio Conferencing

Get conference calls up and running in seconds by dragging and dropping contacts straight from the directory.

Its as easy as click and drag from your directory.

Future Proof your Phone System

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With a portfolio unequalled in its breath and flexibility, over 30 years’ experience and three national offices, Evotec are committed to designing, implementing and supporting innovative technology solutions based on the unique requirements of your business.