Improving business productivity through investing in IT sounds great, but for many organisations, the reality has never lived up to the hype.

Providing all staff members with the latest computer gear across a consistent platform has been an expensive dream for many growing businesses.

Here’s a typical SMB scenario: You have about 2-3 leases going on gear ranging from 1-7 years old. You have 2-3 different operating systems and several different versions of office software.

While some of your computers might be 4-5 years old, they’re all doing their jobs.  So why update? The lack of consistency in your operating systems and software is really only a pain for your IT guru. And she’s getting paid big bikkies to sort it out, right?
Wrong! For a start, your IT guru should be focusing on solving core IT goals, not patching up incompatibilities and maintaining 2-3 different operating systems.

Eliminate Digital Downtime

The biggest cost in business is usually your people. Each person in your office probably spends at least 10 minutes each day on what we call Digital Downtime. Digital down time is all that annoying, unproductive time we spend staring at our screens, waiting for things to happen. Stuff like:

  • Booting up their computers and turning them off
  • Waiting for software to start up
  • Sending IT department help requests
  • Waiting for IT to turn up and fix it
  • Working out how to use Windows 2008, having been left behind for too long on 2003.

All these things can be measured in seconds, but over an entire day, could easily amount to 10 minutes per staff member.

What’s changed the game in recent years is that you now get more bang for your IT buck. For example, a new computer with Core I7, 2GB of RAM and 750GB hard drive and Microsoft Office Suite can cost less than $1500.

If you get all new desktop computers, speed up your networking, and run a consistent OS and consistent office software you’ll save at least 10 minutes per day, per staff member.

With 30 staff, this could win at least $20,000 a year in additional productivity.

Over three years that would more than pay for the new computers.

And this saving is gained just by eliminating Digital Downtime – the annoying IT problems your staff have to put up with.

There’s also some major benefits to be gained via business culture improvement, such as:

  • Improved staff morale and retention
  • Better collaboration
  • Faster and better decision-making
  • Greater productivity.

Eliminating digital downtime is a good example of ‘spending money to make money.’

While computer prices and interest rates are so low, now is a great time to do a complete upgrade and gain the competitive advantage you deserve.

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