Telstra Easy Share Business Plans offer a range of cost-saving features and allow you to “pool” your data allowances and share it amongst all eligible services on the account –  so it’s on tap for the team members who need it most.


  • Data sharing built in – enabling all users on the account to share data from one pool, allowing them to draw on unused data on other users plan
  • Bonus Data Share SIM included ($85+ SBO and $80+ SIM plans) –  to use in a SIM ready device like a tablet and access the shared data pool
  • FREE intra-account calls – on average 30% of calls are made to other users on the same account – meaning the included call value goes much further.
  • No Flagfall – saves 0.40c per average call giving you more voice calls within your call allowance
  • Unlimited SMS, MMS, Messagebank and 1800 – these don’t come out of the monthly call allowance
  • Reduced excess voice and data rates – you are charged a pay-as-you-go amount for usage above your monthly allowance and this is further protected by a maximum cap each month.

Get a new mobile with your plan

Easy Share Business Plans

24-month term


min. cost $1,560


min. cost $2,040


min. cost $2,400


min. cost $3,240

BYO mobile
Great inclusions with your current mobile

Easy Share Business SIM Plans

24-month term


min. cost $1,320


min. cost $1,920


min. cost $2,520

Plan Features and Inclusions

Value to spend on voice calls







Intra-account calls

Free calls between mobiles on the same account

Data (shareable across eligible services)






Unlimited diversion and retrieval


Unlimited voice calls 9am-5pm weekdays

Standard charges

2 minute standard call is $2. No flagfall/$1 per minute charging. 3¢/MB once data allowance is exceeded. Excess voice rate 30¢ per minute.

Data Share SIM

(max. of 5 per plan)


1 x Bonus Data Share SIM included

($10/mth per extra Data Share SIM)

All to standard Australian numbers (excludes use overseas)


Easy Share Business Plan

Take up a 24 month Easy Share Business Plan with a handset and receive a Smartphone Bonus Offer (SBO) which is a discount to offset the handset cost.

Take up an eligible handset on an Easy Share Business Plan and you will have the option to take up Telstra New Phone Feeling™ for an additional $10 per month (min. cost $120 in addition to plan and handset charges). This means after 12 months, you can buy a new eligible device on a new eligible 24 month handset payment and mobile plan without paying any recontracting fee or remaining payments on your old device when you return it undamaged and in good working condition.


Easy Share Business SIM Plan

The Easy Share Business SIM Plan gives you the option to bring your own phone, purchase one outright or take up a Mobile Repayment Option (MRO) so you can enjoy the benefits of the Telstra Mobile Network with great value monthly rates and inclusions. An MRO allows you to pay off your device in 24 monthly interest-free repayments (an upfront payment may be required). These plans don’t share data, but still offer you great entry level features. These plans are ideal for small businesses with only a few mobile phones.

Data sharing

Some plans are eligible for a Bonus Data Share SIM. You can take up additional Data Share SIMs at $10 each per month up to a maximum of 5 Data Share SIMs per plan. You can share your data allowance between all Easy Share Business Plans, Easy Share Business SIM plans, Telstra Mobile Broadband Share Plans, Business Performance Plans with a Data Share SIM and Telstra Business Mobile Data Packs – Shareable on the same account. Data Share SIMs can only be used for data. They can’t be used for voice calls or messaging.

Easy Business Plans

These plans don’t share data, but still offer you great entry level features. These plans are ideal for small businesses with only a few mobile phones.

Easy Business Casual Plans

These plans provide great options for customers who prefer the flexibility of a month to month mobile plan.

Easy Business Plans (including Casual plans) do not share data but they do include other great features including Free Intra account calls, No flagfall, Unlimited SMS, MMS, Messagebank and 1800

Your mobile phone users will receive usage alerts at 50%, 85% and 100% of their shared data pool being reached and they can check their data usage online.