With a new unlimited Telstra Internet Direct connection, your business will take off!

Benefits of Telstra Internet Direct

  • Minimal ‘hops’ – all capital city access points are directly connected to the core network ensuring a maximum of two hops from Telstra’s Internet backbone;
  • Packet transit delay times – low latency and minimal congestion over the Australian backbone.
  • Telstra Internet Direct offers a wide range of carriage service types, speeds, usage and pricing options, as well as the option of IPv6 addressing.
  • In-built security measures help to keep communications safe, while the extensive coverage and exceptional performance help customers avoid congestion and configuration issues. Telstra Internet Direct is easy to manage and scalable and online management and reporting tools help you analyse and predict future requirements.
  • Telstra Internet Direct is the solution when you need high-speed data access and dedicated Internet connectivity for business applications such as e-commerce, onsite web-content server, mission-critical web access, email, streaming, using a Business Local Area Network, Corporate Wide Area Network, Onsite mail server or Onsite Internet VPN gateway.

New Telstra Internet Direct Pricing- Single Uplink

50Mbps Unlimited @ $850 per month – ex-GST

100Mbps Unlimited @ $1100 per month – ex-GST

200Mbps Unlimited @ $2700 per month – ex-GST

400Mbps Unlimited @ $4688 per month – ex-GST

For these amazing prices you get a carrier-grade, dedicated connection to the Internet swiftly, securely, with reliable performance and without network congestion, founded on Telstra’s national Australian Internet backbone.

The  faster speeds will help make your staff far more productive and the capped pricing gives you protection against bill shock.

Please note – Telstra is offering this pricing for a Limited time only – 3 year contract only – terms and conditions apply

Eligibility and Conditions – Telstra Internet Direct Special Pricing

  • The Telstra Internet Direct special pricing offer is only for customers new to Telstra or existing Telstra customers who need new links.
  • Customer must sign a three year contract.
  • We have to check that your site is within one of the eligible zones and the site must also pass a feasibility test.
  • Additional installation costs may apply.

For more information

Telstra Internet Direct is a complex data product, so please talk to your Evotec Account Executive to allow time to design and provision your solution.  Call now on 1300 133 996 – Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.