How to select the right Mobile Broadband Device for your business:


Choose USB if you require Internet access on your laptop or PC whilst on the move & do not want to share your connection between multiple devices which may slow their speeds. You get the convenience of having the device always plugged in, not having to worry about charging up the device.


These are portable devices for sharing one mobile broadband service across up to 5 Wi-Fi capable devices. Great for businesses that need to connect multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously (e.g. laptop, tablet, printer, etc). Typical speed range per user may be reduced when multiple users access the device.

Wireless Gateway

Enables sharing of a mobile internet connection with multiple computers or other Wi-Fi enabled devices using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It offers a reliable, wireless network for simple and affordable networking.

Outdoor Gateway

Ideal if you don’t have access to ADSL or you are on the fringe of Telstra’s Next G network. The Telstra Outdoor Gateway creates a powerful indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi network that connects up to 16 devices simultaneously such as notebooks, tablets and smart phones and up to 3 wired devices through an Ethernet connection.

Mobile Tablets

These are touch screen devices for mobile browsing, email, calendar functions & other apps.