Buffalo Terastation 5200d

Providing reliable, efficient and cost-effective networked data backup and recovery is a major challenge for businesses of all sizes.

Large backups, poorly handled, can slow down business performance by congesting the network.

Staff expect to be able to recover files and folders in seconds or servers in minutes in the event of a server failure or disaster.

However, for many mid-sized organisations, enterprise-grade backup and recovery systems are too expensive and too complex to manage.

Buffalo Technology’s Network Attached Storage systems provide a solution: the TeraStation™ 5200 WSS Series.

TeraStation 5200 features real-time synchronous replication of data, providing easy, continuous data protection in the event of data loss. If your system configuration includes data replication from one TeraStation 5200 unit to another, you can set up failover to automatically switch main operation over to the redundant TeraStation if the main unit ever becomes inaccessible. Within one minute, the backup TeraStation automatically assumes the role of the main TeraStation 5200 with no disruption and no IT intervention. Data can be continuously accessed without any notice of the failover.

For a limited time, the TeraStation 5200 comes bundeld with ShadowProtect SBS Edition which provides fast and reliable disaster recovery, data protection and system migration to get servers back online as quickly as possible. ShadowProtect® is the #1 disaster recovery solution for virtual and physical servers. It provides real-time protection and recovery and it supports SBS and Window Essential servers.

TeraStation™ 5200 is a high performance 2-drive network storage solution ideal for businesses and demanding users requiring a reliable RAID based NAS and iSCSI storage solution for larger networks and business critical applications. With the powerful dual-core 1.86 GHz Intel® Atom™ processor D2550, TeraStation 5200 provides exceptional performance during file transfers and everyday NAS functions: experience maximum network throughput while a replication job runs in the background, network surveillance video is recording from multiple IP cameras and remote users are accessing content.


  • Intel® Atom™ processor D2550 (1.86 GHz dual-core / 2 GB DDR3 RAM)
  • Buffalo Surveillance Video Manager (1 license)
  • Dual Intel NICs
  • 2 x USB 2.0 ports and 2 x USB 3.0 ports with accessory support
  • Hot-swap SATA hard drives
  • Hot spare
  • RAID 0/1/JBOD (Individual Disks)
  • Active Directory support
  • DFS Namespace support
  • Disk quota support
  • Simultaneous NAS and iSCSI target functionality
  • VMware® Certified for NFS
  • Citrix Ready
  • Scheduled or real-time replication to other TeraStation devices
  • Failover support
  • Remote file access via WebAccess and FTP/SFTP
  • 10 licenses of NovaBACKUP Business Essentials v14 (SQL and Exchange backup agents)