Evotec is a proud Unify Premier Partner and we strongly believe that OpenScape Business V2 is one the world’s best business phone systems.

OSBizV2 has a long list of features to reduce business costs and make your staff more efficient – for example:

  • mobile phone clients for free calls via office phone system
  • presence visibility – so you know what people are doing before you call them
  • use mobile phones in WIFI areas
  • 16-party dial-in or add-hoc conferencing for quick, inclusive and decisive meetings
  • call centre to service customers better
  • call log
  • electronic fax
  • instant messaging etc.
  • Now supports Windows 10!

All features and applications are built inside one server – other systems use different servers for different apps, increasing complexity and cos. With OSbiz V2, we just enable a license and configure it.

With OSBiz V2 Web Collaboration, you can see multliple video of participants on computer screens, and mobile devices to run presentations and share documents. Invite your clients in a video call just by sending them an email while on a call.

Another productivity-enhancing function is the ability to link your own customer database to the phone system so your customer’s name and organisation is displayed before you answer a call

And OSBiz V2 is completely NBN-ready and able to give you significant savings using SIP carriers.

For Multi-site organisations, Openscape Business can enable all handsets across all sites to be connected to the phone system creating a “one office” feeling for all users.

We can provide built-in redundancy and security, dual power supply, dual hard drive and VMware back up. In the event of a utility power failure at the main site, calls to the main system will distribute to other sites. Gateway systems can operate even if private network link goes down.

With Unify, receptionists can use a built-in app to see who is busy on a call and easily transfer calls to any user within the company. Automatic client contact details update while on call allowing any future calls to display client name before answering. This makes it easy for receptionists to answer calls for different sites.OSBizV2 430x292

More OSBiz V2 features

  • Voicemail delivered on a desk phone and/or by email. Group mailboxes eg for sales or technical areas.
  • Multi Layer auto attendant (IVR) to distribute calls automatically
  • Display of local area phone numbers on outgoing calls
  • Mobile phone twinning
  • WiFi cordless phones allowing staff mobility. Note: iPhones and Android mobile phones can be used to work as office WiFi cordless phones.
  • OSBizV2 can be expanded to 1500 users without adding any extra system servers and can be networked with other systems
  • The system interconnectivity is based on international standards allowing non-Siemens/UNIFY phones to be used if required eg. CISCO handsets, when converted to standard SIP model.


Evotec specialises in OpenScape Business – Unify’s Award Winning Best-in-Class “All-In-One” UC & Voice Solution designed for SMBs.

Key features are:

  • Built-in Unified Communications and Collaboration with easy upgrades to full UCC
  • Built-in VoIP or Digital or both
  • Ideal for Multi-site environments
  • Voice, Presence, Conferencing, Contact Center, Messaging, IM, Mobility, Fax
  • UI Integration of OpenScape Web Collaboration
  • Capacity to expand from 2 to 1500 users and up to 2000 users in a network

OpenScape Business offers a convenient pathway to Unified Communications and Collaboration, from hybrid TDM to full VoIP, incl. Web Collaboration, voice and fax message boxes, notification service, mobility, a Multimedia Contact Center and presence status.

OpenScape Business can expand with an organisation’s growth. As a single-site system, OpenScape Business has a capacity for up to 1500 users.

OpenScape Business Platforms

There are three base models and a server version of OpenScape Business telephone systems:

  • OpenScape Business X3 – in rack or wall-mount configuration
  • OpenScape Business X5 – in rack or wall-mount configuration
  • OpenScape Business X8
  • OpenScape Business S – for Linux (Novell SLES) operating system on either a physical or virtual machine with VMware vSphere.

Each system is an “All-In-One” hardware platform with onboard IP access and support for IP, digital (UP0E), ISDN (BRI), analog (a/b), cordless (DECT) devices. The UC Smart application is fully embedded in the platform. Connection to public WAN is achieved via SIP (LAN), ISDN (BRI und PRI) or analog trunks.

UC Booster Platforms

For extended UC capability, two UC Booster options are available for OpenScape Business X3/X5 or X8:

For up to 150 UC users:

OpenScape Business UC Booster Card is a Plug-In module for OpenScape Busness X3, X5 and X8. It is required for the UC Suite solution up to 150 UC users.

For up to 500 UC users:

OpenScape Business UC Booster Server is required for OpenScape Business X3/X5/X8 in case of of more than 150 UC users. The UC Booster Server is based on Linux (Novell SLES) and can be operated either on a server HW directly or in virtualised environment using VMware vSphere.
By using the UC Booster options the X3R, X5R and X8 models also can be enhanced with the following functions:

  • OpenStage Gate View with up to two cameras
  • Open Directory Service
  • CSTA interface for connecting external applications

Software Platforms – for up to 1500 users

OpenScape Business S is the server-based “All-In-One” telephony and UC platform, which supports up to 1500 IP subscribers and IP (SIP) connection to the public network (WAN). It is designed for Linux (Novell SLES) operating system and can be operated either on a physical or on virtual machines with VMware vSphere. OpenScape Business S can be networked with OpenScape Business X3, X5 or X8 as gateway for ISDN or anlog trunks or TDM / analog devices. 


  • OpenScape Business combines the best of the HiPath 3000 and OpenScape Office in a unified software solution architecture based on modern and innovative communication technologies.
  • All-In-One Unified Communication solution for small and medium enterprises
  • Integrated voice services
  • OpenScape Business enables the new way to work with the ability to have CIRCUIT on top of our UC Solution acting as a Voice Gateway and more
  • Presence management (presence status)
  • Drag and Drop Conference in the network and UC Smart empowered with easy to use and deploy Managed Conferences
  • Visual voicemail
  • Instant Messaging (IM)
  • Mobility – myPortal to go and the integrated VoIP Client (system client), to be reachable anywhere on any device
  • Directory access with database connection – OpenDirectory Service provides flexible database connectivity using ODBC to connect to most popular databases
  • Fax support
  • Integration into business processes
  • Multichannel Contact Center
  • Integration of OpenScape Web Collaboration
  • Multiple Sites support
  • Unified solution architecture
  • Scalable and flexible HW / SW and licensing
  • Easy to handle migration from HiPath 3000 to OpenScape Business
  • SIP trunking support for up to 8 different SIP Provider connections / different area codes on a single OpenScape Business system

Voice features

  • Make call via speed dialing or directories or click-to-dial
  • Call Signaling, Calling Line ID: CLIP, CLIR, COLP und COLR
  • Functions during the call: Holding, redirecting and transferring calls
  • Controlling availability: Call forwarding and call forwarding – no answer
  • Conferencing: Different types of application-controlled and phone-controlled conferences
  • Optimising communication: Handling calls more efficiently and sending texts to internal subscribers
  • Easy Operation: Resetting activated features, Direct Inward System Access (DISA) and multilingual text output
  • Working in a team (groups): Multiple subscribers and phones can be reached under one station number
  • UCD (Uniform Call Distribution): Uniform distribution of incoming calls to a group of subscribers (UCD group)
  • Emergency Calls: Hotline/Hotline after timeout or an emergency service

Supported phones and devices

OpenStage phones (IP/HFA, SIP and T)

  • OpenStage 5, 10 T, 15, 15 T, 20, 20 E, 20 G, 20 T, 40, 40 G, 40 T, 60, 60 G, 60 T, 80 G, 80 T

OpenScape Desk Phone (SIP)

  • IP 35G IP 55G

Key modules

  • OpenStage Key Module only for OpenStage 15, 40, 60
  • OpenStage Busy Lamp Field 40, only for OpenStage 40

Cordless CMI/DECT – IP/DECT telephones

  • OpenStage S4
  • OpenStage SL4
  • OpenStage M3

PC Clients (HFA, SIP)

OpenScape Personal Edition (incl. video for SIP)

SIP phones (UC Suite) / AP adapter

  • SIP phones with RFC 3725 support
  • Mediatrix 4102S (for connecting 2 analog phones or Fax devices)

WLAN phones

OpenStage WL3

Analog and ISDN phones

  • Analog (a/b) phones
  • Digital (S0) ISDN phones

Please note: While older devices such as optiPoint 410/420/500, Gigaset SL3/S3/M2 and optiPoint WL2 SIP are supported, Optiset E devices cannot be operated.

Unified Communications

OpenScape Business telephone systems provide two levels of Unified Communications, to suit your organisation’s needs:

UC Smart

UC Smart ScreenshotsUC Smart SW is fully embedded within the OpenScape Business sofware running on the motherboard of OpenScape Business X3/X5 and X8. It comprises the Unified Communications and Collaboration features:

  • Presence incl. status based announcements
  • Dial In Managed Conferences for up to 16 users – send invitations via e-mail or ClipBoard, guest or individual PIN options, member status indicator
  • Network-wide UC Features like Prescence, Favorites and Call Status
  • Visual VoiceMail Control
  • Voicemail to eMail Service
  • Hotkey / Click to Dial
  • Ad Hoc Conferencing
  • Directory Access including CSV/XML import
  • Chat including History
  • Reminder
  • For Apple MAC OS and Windows.

The UC Smart solution offers two UC clients:

  • myPortal Smart
  • my Portal for Mobile

UC Suite

UC Suite provides the Unified Communications and Collaboration solution known from OpenScape Office LX/MX/HX. UC suite comprises:

  • Presence management and status
  • Drag and drop conferencing
  • Visual voicemail
  • Multichannel Contact Center
  • Instant Messaging
  • Mobility
  • Directory access with database connection
  • Fax integration
  • Integration into Business processes
  • Connection of OpenScape Web Collaboration

UC Suite requires a “UC Booster Card”, which is plugged on the motherboard of OpenScape Business. For larger numbers of Unified Communications users, an external “UC Booster Server” has to be connected to Open Scape Business.

The UC Suite solution offers several Unified Communications clients:

  • myPortal for Desktop
  • myPortal for Outlook as Add On for Microsoft Outlook
  • my Portal for Mobile – for mobile devices as Smartphones or tablet PCs
  • myAttendant

Multichannel Contact Center

The Multichannel Contact Center option is available for OpenScape Business UC Suite

The Contact Center option offers two clients for use within the contact center environment:

  • myAgent as agent and supervisor desktop application
  • myReports as client for report creation

Mobility options for mobile employees

OpenScape Business offers embedded mobility services and solutions for any enterprise. These comprise:

  • Integration of smartphones of mobile workers
  • Support of cordless and WLAN telephones within the office
  • DeskSharing solutuon
  • Teleworking solution

OpenScape Business Mobility provides features like:

SmartPhone and tablet PC integation into UC solution

One Number Service regardless of location and used device

Dual mode telephony (UMTS / WLAN) support at public hotspots

  • Mobile Logon
  • CallMe function
  • VPN support.

OpenScape Business clients

myPortal Smart  – is the desktop client for the UC Smart solution. myPortal Smart is available for For Apple MAC OS & Windows

myPortal for Outlook and Desktop – presents the full suite of OpenScape Business UC features from a single window. All of the functionality in myPortal for Desktop available as an MS Outlook toolbar! enables users to access all of their communications – voice, conferencing, voicemail, fax, IM, email, and contacts – directly from within MS Outlook. Users can click to dial any number from any Microsoft application

myPortal for Mobile – delivers OpenScape Business UC features onto your mobile web-enabled smart phone independent of your current location – manages and shows presence status of contacts, set connection control of your office extension, and access to directories, favorites, voicemail and journals.  Select preferred calling procedure to utilise optimal voice calling rates

myPortal for Tablet – delivers OpenScape Business UC features onto your Tablet PC – manages and shows presence status of contacts, set connection control of your office extension, and access to directories, favorites, voicemail and journals

myPortal for OpenStage – OpenScape Office UC presence and visible voicemail features to OpenStage 60/80 desktop phones, easy changes of OpenScape Business presence status, visually access, query and control personal voicemail-box

myAttendant – presence-aware switchboard application used by administrators, dispatchers or supervisor
presents a single, consolidated view of all of the company’s users and their presence status, making it easy to transfer calls to employees when they are available

myAgent – presents the full suite of contact center features from a single desktop view (call queue information, relevant customer information pop-ups accompany incoming calls, access customer data and call history)

myReports  – provides over 100 pre-defined standard reports. The historical reports are provided as graphs and/or table views.

Embedded applications

OpenScape Business provides some embedded applications, which are running optionally within the OpenScape Business system.

OpenStage Gate View

OpenStage Gate View is a user-friendly security solution that offers real-time video surveillance to observe, control and grant access to entrance areas all from your OpenStage Business phone, PC or your Smart Phone.

IP-capable video cameras send video streams to the OpenScape Business, which enables authorised Gate View users to display the video streams. The video image associated with an activated entrance telephone (door opener) can be automatically displayed on an assigned OpenStage phone. In addition the video can also be displayed on mobile devices by using the web client or in case of Apple´s iPhone using the appropriate App.

OpenStage GateView supports also scheduled recording of a video stream and the saving of recordings to a network drive. Evotec will advise on the best camera to suit your needs (e.g., LAN, WLAN, indoor/outdoor, PoE).

To use OpenStage GateView in OpenScape Business you need a UC Booster Card or UC Booster Server. The number of Gate View cameras and phones depends on the level of UC Booster hardware you choose. The use of Gate View is licensed controlled based on the camera. Administration of Gate View is done via the administration portal of OpenScape Business.

General configuration

Single Node Networked System

Networking “OpenScape Business” OpenScape Business offers the opportunity to build networks with up to 1000 participants. Within an OpenScape Business Network a broad range Unified communication features are available for all users beneath the normal telephony features e.g:

  • Presence management with voice support(visibility of presence status)
  • Network-wide call status (e.g. subscriber is being called, subscriber has an active call)
  • Call pickup via myPortal for Desktop
  • Instant messaging with Multi-User-Chat
  • Drag & Drop conferences in the network – and myPortal to go and the integrated VoIP Client (system client), to be reachable anywhere on any device
    UC Smart empowered with easy to use and deploy Managed Conferences, available for all deployments even OpenScape Business S and network-wide use
  • Network-wide Web Collaboration (for example, desktop sharing and video)
  • myAttendant – change the presence status for all users in the network
  • Integrate external directories with OpenScape Office Directory Services
  • Integration in the Microsoft Exchange calendar and in the public directory
  • Forwarding of voicemails in the network
  • Support of XMPP presence & chat with external partners
  • An OpenScape Business network is controlled by the so called Master Node, which does not require necessarily additional HW/SW depending on the size of the network.
  • An administrator can access all network subscribers via the Single Point of Administration within the Master Node. When changes are made within the Master Node administration, the databases of the individual network nodes are automatically synchronized.
  • A LAN/WAN based IP network is required as prerequisite for networking. OpenScape Business systems can be networked with one another also via digital trunks. Both S0 as well as S2M lines with QSIG protocol can be used for the connection.

Networking OpenScape Business and OpenScape Business S

Up to 32 OpenScape Business X3/X5/X8/S communication systems can be networked with one another. Multiple OpenScape Business S systems are allowed in an internet network.

Single Gateway means that all IP stations registered at OpenScape Business S only use ONE gateway to the PSTN.

Multi-gateway means that every IP station registered at OpenScape Business S is assigned to exactly one specific gateway.

Integration in business application and processes

OpenScape Business integrates with a range of business applications, providing seamless unified communications to suit your environment.

Citrix support

Microsoft Windows Terminal Server support

OpenScape Business VPN Client support for Teleworkers

Access to external directories

  • OpenScape Business Directory Service

Microsoft Exchange Server support

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Microsoft Small Business Server Integration

Interaction with generic 3rd Party Applications

  • OpenScape Business Application Launcher

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) – Middleware

Many CTI and CRM applications on the market use the Microsoft TAPI interface for connecting to the telephone system. With OpenScape Business TAPI 120 V1 and OpenScape Business TAPI 170 V1, two new and powerful TAPI Service Providers (TSP), which are optimised for the system architecture and network topology of OpenScape Business, are now available for connecting TAPI-based applications in addition to the CallBridge Collection.

The choice of the appropriate TAPI Service Provider essentially depends on the number of client PCs to be connected with TAPI applications as well as the existing IT infrastructure and the phone devices used.

CallBridge Collection

– is used as a traditional first-party TAPI Service Provider on system terminals that have a LAN or USB interface. It is suitable for installations with just a few PCs. A LAN is not necessary for the operation of the CallBridge Collection. The CallBridge Collection is installed on each PC that is running a TAPI application. Analog, Cordless and system devices without USB/IP interfaces are not supported. TAPI connections via the CallBridge Collection are not licensed

OpenScape Business TAPI 120

– is used as the preferred first-party TAPI Service Provider in Microsoft networks with or without a domain controller when analog, Cordless and system devices without IP/USB interfaces are also to be operated in conjunction with TAPI applications. The TAPI 120 Service Provider is installed on each PC client that is running a TAPI application. Connections via TAPI 120 are subject to licensing within OpenScape Business. To connect to OpenScape Business, only one CSTA link is required, regardless of how many TAPI 120 clients are being operated.

OpenScape Business TAPI 170

– is a classic “third-party” TAPI Service Provider that is installed on a server on the LAN and connected centrally to the OpenScape Business System. TAPI 170 can be used as an alternative to TAPI 120 if there is a domain controller in the Microsoft network. When using the so-called remote TAPI function, it is not necessary to install the TAPI Service Provider on the client PCs. This offers significant time savings in installations with many client PCs.
Please note, however, that the use of OpenScape Business TAPI 170 is mandatory in the following scenarios:

  • Connection of TAPI stations in networked OpenScape Business systems when the TAPI stations are located in different nodes.
  • Connection to TAPI applications running on a terminal server
  • Connection to server-based TAPI applications

OpenScape Business TAPI 170 is subject to licensing within OpenScape Business. To connect to OpenScape Business, one CSTA link is required, regardless of how many TAPI 170 stations are being operated.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) – Protocols

For direct access to Telefony Function serveral protocols are available:

CSTA protocol

The CSTA protocol enables the connection of high-performance CTI, Contact Centre and Unified Communication applications etc. to OpenScape business.

It supports:

  • Access via Ethernet LAN (TCP / IP)
  • CSTA Phase III ASN.1 encoded by:
    • ECMA-269 Services for Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (CSTA) Phase III
    • Standard ECMA-285ASN.1 for Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (CSTA) Phase III
    • Wide range of system telephones
    • Network-wide monitoring and control of all resources
    • Multiplexing of monitor points.


Administration of OpenScape Business is done mainly via Web Based Management (OpenScape Business Assistant) or you can use Manager.


Use of OpenScaoe Business features is licensed. Starting with the basic system licence, additional features can be easily added remotely, to add any additional functionality you require.

Easy migration path

OpenScape Business offers an easy migration path from HiPath 3000 to OpenScape Business.
Depending on the version of your HiPath 3000 existing housing, the power supply and many peripherial boards and devices can be reused.
For many migrations, only the mainboard, system software and license file need to be upgraded.

To arrange a demonstration of OpenScape Business, call Evotec – your Unify Premium Partner on 1300 133 996.

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