About Sophos

  • Global Leader in End-to-End IT Security
  • New Sophos Heartbeat – is a unique advantage – connects endpoint protection with firewall protection to discover attach source in SECONDS!
  • Comprehensive Security Solution stack
  • Reduces complexity managing multiple security platforms
  • Ease and Flexibility of Deployment platforms
  • Network Security Consolidation
  • 24 x 7 Support – with Tech support based in Australia
  • Gartner Leader in both Endpoint Protection and UTM (Unified Threat Management)
  • Evotec is a Gold Sophos Partner with trained Sophos Architects on staff

Why consider upgrading your security?

Most organisations have already invested in IT security. But threats are increasing, their ingenuity grows and the costs of IT downtime and damage to brand due to lost sovereign data and potential for legal action are unbearable. Here’s a quick checklist to consider…

  • How well are you protected?
  • Is your current environment secure enough?
  • Are all your sources of threat adequately covered?
  • If you have two or more forms of security software – do they talk to each other?
  • How quickly can you respond?
  • And how much time do you spend on administration?

Here are some challenges that Sophos takes care of in an elegant and cost-effective way…

  • Do you have visibility and control of where your data goes?
  • How many security platforms do you have to manage?
  • How much time does it take to administer simple tasks with multiple security vendors in place?
  • How do you manage the roll out of security to branch offices or remote users?
  • Have you been hit by Ransomware/cryptolocker attacks?
  • How does your current firewall defend you against the vulnerabilities entering the network from web-based applications?
  • What is your strategy on Cloud?

If the answers to any of these questions raise concern – call Evotec – your Gold Sophos Partner for an obligation-free demonstration and trial. Ask about our Special Sophos Smart & Secure Data Offer!

Sophos Competitor Comparison

  Sophos Competitor Chart