Evotec broadband solutions will enable your organisation to limit broadband access to permitted users, and be able to charge for access based on time or download parameters.


An appropriate internet connection is selected, based on an analysis of factors such as the size of your organisation, your end user profiles and your occupancy levels.


An intelligent management system is implemented, responsible for password controls, usage monitoring and security between the broadband network and your organisation’s network. The system also provides information to the billing system.


A variety of methods of actually delivering the broadband are available. Wired and wireless options are available and will be assessed based on your organisation’s coverage needs and physical building features.


If required, guests or patients may be charged for the use of the broadband. Evotec broadband solutions interface with many billing and management applications.

Our experience in deploying broadband solutions has taught us the importance of providing a solution that has been specifically designed for an organisation. We assess multiple factors prior to designing the final solution:

We examine a property’s guest or patient profile. Are the occupants of a hotel largely corporate guests, demanding broadband for nightly e-mail access? Are the patients in a hospital mobile enough to surf the internet during their hospital stay? Does a conference venue incur a heavy usage period during the day, with little in the evening? These profiles contribute to the design of a solution.

We’ll look at the coverage a property wishes to provide. Is it to the guest rooms? Is there a conference facility requiring access? Outside around the pool? In the restaurant? The required area of coverage influences the solution we’ll recommend.

We’ll also look at the physical construction and layout of the building. The materials used and the density of a building influence the solution we recommend. The layout of the property and areas requiring coverage also affect the design.

The result of our assessment of the above factors will enable us to recommend a solution that fulfils your organisation’s requirements and takes into consideration influential environmental elements.