TOM 200x261 The 2014 Australian Mobile PhoneLifestyle Index says 85% of Australian workers own a smart phone. And 67% of them would prefer to use a device of their own choice in the workplace.

To answer this demand, Alcatel-Lucent has joined forces with Telstra to create TOM – a hybrid-cloud-based, mobile-centric business phone solution.

TOM (Total Office Mobility) recognises that most modern workers don’t want the hassle of switching between their deskphone and their mobile phone – they just want to use the one mobile phone 24-7.

With TOM, users get a simple app on their device of choice, and gain the full functionality of a PABX. Business owners never have to buy another desk handset again (unless they really want to).

The base TOM bundle consists of:

  • Mobile Gateway, where the magic happens!
  • 4 x SIP Channels, enabling you to embrace bundled call plans from Telstra.
  • 10 x OpenTouch Licenses, giving you full functionality of a PABX through an App on the devices of your choice.
  • 1 x 8038 Reception Handset (extra handsets can be purchased as required)
  • 12 x IP Licenses (allowing up to 12 additional handsets).
  • Voicemail for all users.

TOM is SIP and NBN ready

SIP enables you to put voice & data (ie the internet) on a single network – giving you the ability to streamline your operations and take advantage of call savings.

TOM requires no complex installation. Limited cabling means a streamlined, simple and reliable service.

Powerful features, cost-effective price

TOM combines the power of mobility with PABX functionality. Benefits include:

  • Reduce mobile call costs and increase efficiency of users.
  • Seamlessly implement BYOD.
  • Free IM & Texting between users. One number gives you the same identity no matter where you are.

With TOM, you can exand your business easily. You simply add a range of extras packs for expansion and additional functions:

  • Additional 4 SIP Channel Pack – for more channels or simply more included calls
  • Open Touch Licenses x 5 – Full PABX functionality on devices of your choice
  • Auto Attendant – Answering and call directing for customer calls
  • Data Switch – Enable all networked devices to communicate with each other
  • WLAN Instant Access Point – Allows connectivity for mobiles & tablets to company network.

TOM is ideal for new or expanding businesses with around 5 to 20 staff that want a mobile-centric phone system they can grow with.

For larger businesses with more complex needs, we recommend Alcatel-Lucent Omni-PCX office system – this is a fully on-premise system that can provide all the mobile functionality of TOM yet allows more complex configurations and tailored features.

For more advice on TOM and the entire Alcatel range, call Evotec, your Alcatel and Telstra experts on 1300 133 996.