LifeSize Video Conferencing

Top 10 benefits of Video Conferencing

Effective face-to-face meetings and meaningful dialog are vital for success in business communications. With the NBN’s fast broadband just around the corner, now is a good time to install a user-friendly, quality Video Conferencing solution. Take a look at the benefits…

  1. Reduce carbon tax costs – reducing the amount of business travel for executives by replacing some travel-cost meetings with VC meetings can reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint.
  2. Reduced travel costs – Evotec and LifeSize VC can deliver rapid ROI with low-cost, high-quality VC made more widely available in your organisation. Interstate and international travel can be replaced or reduced. And regional managers can communicate with their territories more effectively and more frequently, replacing major expenditure in road travel time, costs and risks.
  3. Faster decision-making – Without a quality VC solution, globalisation and international collaboration will slow you down. By replacing travel-cost meetings with more frequent VC meetings, decisions can be made faster.
  4. Improved effectiveness and frequency of meetings – meetings that were previously not held, or teleconferenced, can now be visually presented and recorded. Meetings can be held more frequently and be more effective, as participants can pick up the visual communication cues necessary for effective communication. Powerpoint presentations, PDFs, online content, DVDs, previous meeting recordings can all be integrated easily into the meeting and shared with all participants, making meetings more effective
  5. Improve morale and employee satisfaction – by bringing people together in visual meetings on a regular basis, you can drive a unified culture and improve team cooperation and collaboration. Internal relationships will improve as your teams get to know each other. Remote workers will feel more connected and appreciated.
  6. Better management – reduced travel means your managers are more productive and happier – staying closer to their homes and families – at the same time improving their contact with their remote teams.
  7. Reduced OH&S risk – reducing road travel for meetings reduces employee risk.
  8. Record your meetings – All Lifesize products support native recording – which means you can easily capture and store:
    – training sessions for future access via a knowledgebase
    – product presentations for viewing by absent staff at a later date.
    – important staff meetings to provide content for internal communications.
    – Evidence of meeting proceedings to reduce risk of legal action.
  9. LifeSize’ cost effectiveness and simplicity = optimal usage – Some corporate videoconferencing systems are so costly and complex, they are reserved for larger conference rooms and special occasions. The result – staff who really need VC rarely have access to it. With LifeSize’s affordability you can place VC in more rooms in more sites, making the benefits of VC more widely available, with more frequent use.
  10. Prepare for the future – By embracing VC now, your organisation will prepare itself for fast broadband and the new age of “Customer Service Via Video.” In the near future, sales and customer service via video conferencing will become the norm. Evotec and LifeSize can help you prepare for this new wave of technology and the changes to business it will bring.