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Welcome to a unified world! Siemens Enterprise Communications has taken on a new brand – Unify.

Unify has assured customers it remains committed to its current portfolio as it continues to focus on providing solutions that leverage your existing communications investment.

In launching its new brand, Unify announced it was bringing forward the launch of  Project Ansible, its new, immersive unified communications, collaboration and business process platform to July 2014.

Unify ANZ General Manager, Edgar Giesel, said the new Unify brand will reflect the company’s position as the premier ‘go-to’ organisation for complete unified communications solutions.

“Our new brand will build upon Siemens Enterprise Communications’ long-standing heritage as a leader and innovator in this market.

“The company remains committed to its current portfolio as it continues to focus on providing solutions that leverage your existing communications investment.

“We are proud of our Siemens heritage and we remain committed to the values and legacy of innovation and quality.  We are a re-energised company, with new products that unify voice, video, social and collaboration. We look forward to continuing our successful business partnership with you.”

For more background on its re-branding, Unify has released the following FAQs.

Why did Siemens Enterprise Communications change its brand?

“Over the past two years, we have been transforming our message to the market. Our journey began in 2011 with our IT-Centric ‘Easiest Path to Unified Communications’ messaging which highlighted our technology strengths around openness, integration and solutions delivery. It evolved with ‘amplifyTEAMS’ – shifting the focus to a people-centric message which has received great feedback internally and externally. Now with our market momentum and the development of  Project Ansible, it is the right time to introduce a fresh, new, independent brand to the market that expresses who we are and what we do.”

What will change as a result of the new brand?

“We will announce a new name and accompanying visual identity including a logo and company positioning statements. It will change the way we present ourselves and what we stand for – but not how we do business with you.”

Why change the name from Siemens Enterprise Communications?

“We are very proud of our Siemens Enterprise Communications heritage and appreciative of the strength of the Siemens Enterprise Communications name. However, it is now time to launch and build brand equity in our own brand.

“We will use a heritage line “Formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications” as part of the transition to accelerate awareness of our new brand.”

Will the portfolio or product names change?

“We remain completely committed to our existing portfolio and will continue to focus on providing solutions that leverage your existing communications investment. We will not change existing product names such as OpenScape Enterprise, OpenScape Enterprise Express, OpenScape Business or HiPath 4000.”

Will my Account Manager or Service Team change?

We are committed to ensuring the transition to the new brand is seamless and continuity with your existing team is an important part of that experience. We have no plans to make changes to our customer-facing teams.

How will the relationship with Siemens AG change?

“Our relationship with both major shareholders, The Gores Group and Siemens AG is very positive. They are fully supportive of our rebranding plans and will remain our shareholders.”

How will I find out about the new brand?

“Evotec, your Unify Premium Partner will make sure that you are fully informed and will be sending email and letter communications. There will also be a significant advertising campaign.”

Where can I go to get the most up to date information?

“You can visit the website at   www.unify.com or contact your Evotec Account Manager.”

To arrange a demonstration of Unify products, call Evotec – your Unify Premium Partner on 1300 133 996.

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