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Failure to capture all staff leave days is an avoidable business cost, requiring additional leave provisioning and administration and also potentially impacting team efficiency.

HR Manager can deliver immediate return on investment by automating the recording and reporting of unplanned employee leave.

HR Manager works with your existing IT and Telephony infrastructure to provide an absence notification and staff replacement system.

Efficient: On receiving a staff SMS or e-mail, Symphonia HR manager automatically informs the relevant manager/supervisor and support staff via email and SMS

SMS Presence: Allows employees on the move to clock-in & clock-out their working hours

Customisable: Assign actions to incoming messages to automate the management of SMS replies

Visible: Employee Database Control and Time Report Control

Secure and Reliable: Hosted in your own environment and designed for high availability and reliability.

Symphonia HR Manager Module Specifications

  • Symphonia Version: 4.020
  • Maximum Users: 2000
  • Maximum Simultaneous Connections: Equal to Carrier Connections
  • Carrier Connections: Primary Rate, Basic Rate and PSTN
  • Maximum Web Users: 100
  • Web Browser: IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Chrome
  • User Roles: Users and Administrator per feature.

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