OpenStage Gate View is a user-friendly, low-cost security solution that offers real-time video surveillance to observe, control and grant access to entrance areas all from your OpenStage telephone system office handset, PC or your iPhone from any location.

Ideal for telephone systems in small business, factories, consultant waiting rooms, mining, rural, schools, hospitals – anywhere that needs to observe and operate an entrance, door or gate remotely.


  • Real-time video on two parallel OpenStage 60 handsets
  • Concurrent video picture available on one iPhone
  • OpenStage Gate View app available in the Apple AppStore
  • Up to 8 IP-based Video Cameras (Webcams)
  • BNC-to-IP connection adapter available
  • Suits a wide range of certified Webcams
  • No additional license costs – completely pre-installed with Openscape Office –  MX, HX, LX V3R3 or Plug PC V2
  • Monitoring also via Web Based Management possible
  • Convenient Web based administration
  • System platform independent operation


  • Plug PC V2 – Up to one IP-based Video Camera (Webcam), 2 openStage phones, 1 iPhone app or Browser based Web Client for Plug PC
  • OpenScape Office MX – up to 2 Webcams, 10 OpenStage phones, 10 iPhone apps or Browser based Web Clients.
  • OpenScape Office HX/LX – up to 8 Webcams, 20 OpenStage phones, 10 iPhone apps or Browser based Web Clients

To arrange a demonstration of OpenStage Gate View, call Evotec – your Unify Premium Partner on 1300 133 996.

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