AgedCare 1

Residents of aged care facilities, and their families, depend on the staff of aged care facilities to provide quality care and assistance, particularly in cases of emergency.

Consequently, these aged care facilities depend on telephone system and communications solutions that enable high levels of care and support. Reliable and capable communications solutions are essential to aged care staff maintaining contact with each other, and with their residents and patients. 

Evotec offers aged care facilities a range of telephone system solutions, including seamless cordless solutions, paging solutions, handheld computing solutions and wireless networks. 

These empower staff of aged care facilities to ensure they adhere to their responsibilities to their patients, their own safety, and the OH&S policies of their employer.

We also provide a range of Payphone Services, including purchase, rental and service agreements. Many aged care service providers believe that payphone provision is important for client and stakeholder satisfaction. For more information on our payphone solutions click here.

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Case Study: Chester County Hospital and Health System