Todays telecommunication landscape offers businesses a range of fixed voice providers. Evotec’s team specialises in assessing your call patterns and recommending a solution that minimises your fixed telephony costs.

A Liaison Role

We liaise with Telstra for all of your Carriage requirements, utilising our knowledge and experience to streamline processes.

A Co-Ordination Role

We co-ordinate your Carriage requirements; Handsetsand other equipment, new connections and plan alterations.

An Adviser Role

We advise you on new technologies and services that can improve your business, productivity and save you money.

Our Carriage team offers your company an extensive range of services, across our entire Carriage product portfolio:

  • Co-ordination of new servicesMaking sense of Communication Solutions for Small business - Computer Troubleshooters
  • Alterations and extensions to any of your services
  • Provision of new voice or data handsets and accessories
  • Handset warranty and repair co-ordination
  • Maintenance of records associated with your contract periods and expiry dates
  • Pro-active notification of hardware upgrade offers
  • Pro-active assessment of your current plans, and their continuing suitability to your requirements
  • Pro-active communication of new, reduced rates or more beneficial plans
  • Recommendation of new technologies and their application to your business
  • We understand that your selection of a mobile communications partner is an important decision for your organisation.
  • We believe our Carriage account team is a true differentiator. We believe we have developed a truly valuable service offering, and a team with the expertise and experience to execute it.

Management Project Communication – PMWithVeeEvotec believes that the ideal communications solution provides a combination of coverage, reliability and cost-effectiveness. We provide a thorough analysis and design service to ensure your business is receiving the appropriate solution for your requirements. To enable us to offer our customers the optimum communications solution, we have selected products from Telstra.

Telstra is committed to retaining its technological leadership and network superiority, and combining these with innovative pricing plans and loyalty benefits. With the Telstra portfolio as our foundation, we pride ourselves on our commitment to designing the right solution for you. To do so, we conduct analysis of the relevant factors, and recommend Telstra solutions of relevance to your requirements now, and in the future.

About us

With a portfolio unequalled in its breath and flexibility, over 30 years’ experience and three national offices, Evotec are committed to designing, implementing and supporting innovative technology solutions based on the unique requirements of your business.