Evotec is celebrating 28 years of success in delivering ITC technology, after its recent gala celebrations to mark a quarter century in business.

In thanking staff, managers and directors, Evotec MD, Paul Cooper, said he was proud of the way Evotec had remained at the leading edge of evolving technology in telephony, IT and electrical and data cabling since 1988.

“We have a great team of people here and most of them have been with us for the average of 7 years – that stability gives us a tremendous ability to look after our customers and understand their needs as they grow.

“We’d also like to thank all our customers for their continued support in trusting us to look after their comms and IT.”

Evotec commenced operations in Sydney in 1988, as PHC Voice and Data Engineering, focusing on cabling infrastructure solutions. In 1991, a sister company, Telephone Solutions, was established, specialising in the design and deployment of PABX hardware and applications.

In 1995, PHC Computers was established, installing and supporting network and desktop PC solutions. In 2001, PHC Voice and Data Engineering, Telephone Solutions and PHC Computers merged, forming Evotec.

The name was derived from “evolving technologies”, highlighting our commitment to understanding new technologies and their ability to improve our customers’ businesses.

A period of diversification followed the merger, with operations expanding to cover Telstra carriage solutions and guest broadband solutions.
During 2001, Evotec expanded into Melbourne, and in 2005, to Brisbane.

The company’s services are complemented by a national partner network, allowing our customers to rely on sales and support throughout Australia. Today, our customers can select solutions from Business Telephone Systems, Information Technology, Carriage, Infrastructure, Broadband Solutions and Support.

“Our passion for new technology is one of the main reasons behind our continued success,” Paul said.

“Business is intensely competitive and organisations need to be continually improving and getting the best ROI from their technology.”