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Today’s telecommunications landscape offers businesses a range of fixed voice providers. Evotec’s Carriage team specialises in assessing your call patterns and recommending a solution that minimises your fixed telephony costs. 

Call plans

We recommend call plans from Australia’s leading telecommunications provider, Telstra. Telstra’s fixed voice business offering consists of:

Guaranteed access to Australia’s leading telecommunications network 

Telstra’s fixed voice network boasts unparalleled superiority. The company’s history as Australia’s leading telecommunications carrier has afforded it the opportunity to develop a fixed voice network with the geographical coverage and carriage capacity to enable it to serve businesses Australia-wide.

It also offers the possibility of reduction of call charges during the contract term. The guarantee and cost transparency enables Telstra customers to retain greater control of their telecommunications costs. 

Competitive pricing and bonus offers 

Telstra has committed to maintaining its competitiveness within the fixed voice market. It continues to develop new and innovative call plans that enable businesses to minimise telecommunications costs. As a Telstra fixed voice customer, your company may enjoy a monthly rebate on eligible calls.

Our Carriage account management team prides itself on its ability to perform three key roles for your organisation: 

A liaison role 

We liaise with Telstra for all of your Carriage requirements, utilising our knowledge and experience to streamline processes.

A co-ordination role

We co-ordinate of your Carriage requirements: handsets, new connections and plan alterations.

An advisor role

We advise you on new technology and services that can improve your business.

More specifically, our Carriage team offers your company an extensive range of services, across our entire Carriage product portfolio:

  • Co-ordination of new services
  • Alterations and extensions to any of your services
  • Provision of new voice or data handsets and accessories
  • Handset warranty and repair co-ordination
  • Maintenance of records associated with your contract periods and expiry dates
  • Pro-active notification of hardware upgrade offers
  • Pro-active assessment of your current plans, and their continuing suitability to your requirements
  • Pro-active communication of new, reduced rates or more beneficial plans
  • Recommendation of new technologies and their application to your business
  • We understand that your selection of a mobile communications partner is an important decision for your organisation. 
  • We believe our Carriage account team is a true differentiator. We believe we have developed a truly valuable service offering, and a team with the expertise and experience to execute it.

Analysis and design 

Evotec believes that the ideal communications solution provides a combination of coverage, reliability and cost-effectiveness. We provide a thorough analysis and design service to ensure your business is receiving the appropriate solution for your requirements. To enable us to offer our customers the optimum communications solution, we have selected products from Telstra.

Telstra is committed to retaining its technological leadership and network superiority, and combining these with innovative pricing plans and loyalty benefits. With the Telstra portfolio as our foundation, we pride ourselves on our commitment to designing the right solution for you. To do so, we conduct analysis of the relevant factors, and recommend Telstra solutions of relevance to your requirements now, and in the future. 

Mobile voice 

What is of significance to us when recommending a mobile voice solution? We consider a variety of factors:

  • The network your company requires: whether you require a pure voice solution, or intend to also use the data capability of the Next G™ network
  • Your staff members’ call patterns: how frequently calls are made, at what time, to whom, and for how long 
  • The handset functionality required by your staff: what they will need to do with their mobile phone, and the features necessary for this.

Assessment of this information provides us with a typical guide to your usage patterns, and enables us to identify the download volume you will require. Your download requirement will determine the plan we recommend. 

Fixed voice 

The most significant factor in our recommendation of a fixed voice solution is your company’s call patterns. We consider where you are making your calls, the duration of your calls, and at what time your calls are made. This analysis allows us to determine where your greatest investment is, and therefore the most sensitive area of your communications costs. We will also consider your other Telstra services, and any joint benefits or cost efficiencies available to your company. 

Fixed data 

Analysis and design of fixed data solutions is arguably the most complex of our analysis and design services. Design of a fixed data solution can require a complicated assessment of factors such as: 

  • Your basic requirements: whether you require a single link to the internet, or a site-to-site data network, and the quantity of sites requiring connectivity
  • The geographical location(s) of your offices: this will influence the data services available to you, and your investment 
  • Your data volume requirements: the volume of data you will be downloading and uploading, and any differences in this across multiple sites
  • The criticality of your data service: the level of criticality will determine the support levels required, and the service level commitment from Telstra
  • Your existing infrastructure: your physical network components, and associated warranty and support agreements 
  • Your requirement for voice capability: it is imperative that should the data service be used to support voice applications, that it meet minimum quality of service requirements. We combine our analyses to design a data proposal that details the services required at each of your sites. 

We can combine services to ensure the requirements of each of your sites are met, while adhering to your company’s overall data strategy.


Our design for your BlackBerry solution will be based on three key elements: a decision regarding BES or BIS, the preferred device, and the necessary plan. To formulate the ideal combination of these factors, we consider a number of elements:

  • Your company e-mail configuration: selection of connection to BlackBerry Enterprise Solution or BlackBerry Internet Solution will depend on your company’s e-mail system 
  • Your preferred device size: whether you prefer a larger device with a subsequently larger display and keyboard, or a smaller, more compact device
  • Your preference for a QWERTY keyboard, or a combined phone and QWERTY layout
  • Your preference for navigation by a thumb-operated trackwheel or a trackball
  • Your preference for enhanced multimedia capability: GPS, digital camera or media player BlackBerry plans allow for unlimited BlackBerry e-mail and BlackBerry browser usage. Plans are associated with your chosen device and the terms of the plan. 

We will assess the above factors and recommend your platform, your device, and your Telstra BlackBerry plan.