Business Support

Evotec’s Business Support portfolio supports your information technology or business communications solution. We offer pro-active and on-demand service for your solutions. We offer your organisation reliability, commitment, accountability and capability.

Support Types


A PriorITel Maintenance Agreement is like an insurance policy with extra benefits. It provides protection if something goes wrong with your system.

We hold critical spares for your system in our office or onsite. And we support you to restore it to working order with minimum interruption to your business.

PriorITel agreements provide tailored maintenance and support coverage for one or all of the following Business areas:
Telephony, IT, Video Conferencing, Electrical and Data Cabling.

Unify Software Support

Your Unify Telephone System relies on complex communication software which must be upgraded to maintain its;

Security – protection against malware, hacking, and toll-fraud
Features – software is continually being improved
Compatibility – Ability to integrate with other office applications i.e. Microsoft Outlook

Unify Software Support (SSP) provides you the necessary updates and upgrades to software and security to keep your system running at its best.

Our Support

National customer service centre

Evotec offers its customers service and support across Australia. A key component of our Business Support offering is our national Customer Service Centre.

Our national Customer Service application provides our agents with full visibility of your company’s records. Regardless of where your business is located, or from where we answer your call, our Customer Service Agents have all the information at hand to ensure efficient and direct handling of your enquiry.

Our trained Customer Service Agents are responsible for the initial diagnosis of your fault and assignment of engineering resource for issue rectification. They will ensure you remain aware of the progress of your fault or installation, and provide an efficient communication channel between your company and the remainder of our Business Support team.

Technical Help-desk

Evotec’s national Help Desk provides technical assistance and support to our staff, our contractors, and our customers. Operated by qualified technical experts, the Help Desk is responsible for:

  • Provision of high level technical support
  • National remote programming requests
  • National remote diagnostics
  • National remote fault resolution
  • Assistance with training and operational procedures

Account Managers

Evotec’s Business Support division offers Account Management services for our customers. Our Account Managers are the link for our customers to all areas of the Evotec organisation. Account Managers work closely with our national Customer Service Centre and our national technical Help Desk to ensure optimum response to all your enquiries. Your Account Manager can assume responsibility for logging service requests and ensuring a speedy resolution to your issue.

Your Account Manager will ensure your service requirements are prioritised, and that you receive assistance within the guaranteed response time frame. Our Account Managers will assist with any sales enquiries our customers have. Our Account Managers will engage all Evotec departments to ensure your sales enquiry is fulfilled. This enables you to liaise with your trusted Account Manager, and also take advantage of the expertise within the remainder of Evotec.



The investment in your new telephone system includes handset, softphone and headset training. Upon conclusion of the installation, handset training will be provided, by either our field Engineers or our training staff. We will work with you to optimise the effectiveness of this training, to ensure your staff receive the training the need on the day of installation.

We provide fast-start training to give your team full knowledge of the key features of their handset. This ensures your teams are confident with essential handset operation, giving them the confidence to use the new system from Day One. We believe this is key to optimising the productivity of your staff.

Evotec provides full support for our training sessions with easy-to-use training documentation. We have developed handset user guides which reinforce our training message. These documents simplify the use of your system, and ensure you make the most of your technology. Evotec understands that, due to staff turnover, you may require additional training of staff from time to time. We offer training refresher packages for purchase as and when you require.


New IT solutions often require several factors to be managed and actioned simultaneously.

IT Manager training
Change in Business Practice
User pre-installation training
User acceptance training
User ongoing training.

Evotec has a comprehensive process that identifies your particular requirements and goals, enabling a thorough approach to your IT training plan within your organisation

“They quickly diagnosed the fault as being a power supply problem and based on their experience adjusted the dip switches on the supply to increase the voltage supplied to the analog card. Top class technical skills!!”

Peter Diprose | Corporate Systems Manager

About us

With a portfolio unequalled in its breath and flexibility, over 30 years’ experience and three national offices, Evotec are committed to designing, implementing and supporting innovative technology solutions based on the unique requirements of your business.