Intelligent power switching solutions are mission-critical to meet today’s requirements of safety, OH&S and reducing overall power consumption.

In additon to compliance issues, each organisation will have its own operational requirements and site-specific requirement. For example: hazardous locations. Evotec can design a solution that meets your requirements for power distribution applications including load break switches, distribution boards and chassis systems.

Evotec is experienced in designing solutions for commercial power distribution and protection. We use only the highest quality electrical switchgear and power distribution and protection products from leading international manufacturers such as Terasaki and Socomec.

We can provide power protection products for circuit protection against current overloads up to 6300A, which includes circuit breakers and fuses. Additionally there is a wide range of equipment protection devices such as surge diverters, earth leakage relays and arc detection relays.

Distribution Boards

Distribution boards are an important component of an electrical power system, dividing an electricity supply feed into separate circuits for different loads. Distribution boards typically consist of an enclosure into which protective circuit breakers for the load circuits are mounted. Distribution boards are made with either plastic and metal load centres for both indoor and outdoor installations. Panelboards are also available to suit Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs).

Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers protect electrical installations against overcurrents and short circuits in industrial, commercial and domestic applications. The range of circuit breakers includes air circuit breakers, moulded case circuit breakers and MCBs.

Circuit breaker selection is influenced by:

  • The magnitude of the prospective short circuit current determined by the size of conductors, the capacity of the supply transformer and the distance between the transformer and short circuit point
  • The required selectivity or association of the upstream circuit breaker or fuses and the downstream devices
  • The maximum nominal current required by the circuit
  • The expected initial current determined by the type of load.

Earth leakage protection devices

Earth leakage protection devices are designed to detect minimal earth leakage currents and further disconnect the supply from the downstream circuit, in order to protect personnel and equipment from these currents.

Residual current devices (RCDs) and residual current breakers with overcurrent protection (RCBOs) are available for personnel protection and earth leakage relays for equipment protection.

Arc and Surge Protection

Protection of low-voltage AC circuits from the effects of transient over-voltages is best achieved with a staged solution as no single device can totally protect an installation from a high voltage surge.

Ideally, a combination of surge diverters and surge suppressors should be used for complete protection. Additionally arc detection relays will protect both equipment and personnel in and around a switchboard from the risk of an arc flash.

Isolators & Transfer Switches

The range of Isolator and Transfer Switches includes enclosed safety isolators, load break switches for both AC and DC circuits, changeover switches and automatic transfer switches.
Switches from 16A up to 4000A and are available with options such as remote tripping, visible contacts, trapped key interlocks and red safety handles.