Telstra Phone Words: 1300 SUCCESS!

Take advantage of people’s natural ability to recall words more easily than numbers with Telstra Phone Words.

For example, 1300 SUCCESS is much easier to remember than 1300 782 237. It’s that simple and powerful. Customers will remember your word and then key it in using the corresponding letters on their phone keypad.

Easy for customers to recall – Choose a Phone Word based on your business name, service, product, category or marketing position. This way it can resonate with your advertising.

Best of both worlds – Make your Phone Word number a Priority One3, Priority 1300 or Freecall 1800® service. This way customers will remember your number and pay less, or nothing at all, keeping them extra happy.

A well travelled number – Your Phone Word number can be the same nationwide, making you an obvious choice regardless of where your customers live, or where your business is located. This is especially helpful if your business moves address.

Setting up your number – Our Phone Word service is available to most Australian businesses. Services are usually connected within three working days, depending on the features selected and the number of answering locations required. Service costs include the initial connection fee, monthly rental and call costs.

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