pimphony team

PIMphony is a user-friendly, Windows-based Softphone which gives you click-to-call, transfer, conference calling, caller identity, call date, duration and CRM integration and much more.

There are four levels of PIMphony:

PIMPhony Basic: increases efficiency by simplifying phone tasks and optimises call handling to improve customer satisfaction.

PIMphony Pro: is ideal for salespeople or employees who manage significant call volumes on a daily basis and require advanced computer integration. It synchronises with contact manager software and supports unified messaging (emails, voicemails and faxes are stored in the email inbox). It also offers dial-by-name and call recording features.

PIMphony Team: is designed for team communicators such as operators and assistants who manage multiple lines. Collaborative features optimise call management and make it easier to supervise and track workgroup activity. It enhances productivity through better team working.
PIMphony Attendant: allows a single operator to manage calls, phone books and users across multiple sites. It includes all PIMphony Team facilities, plus multi-site supervision, mono-site & multi-site user and system configuration facilities.

Basic Features
PIMphony provides a complete set of phone services (dial by name, transfer, conference) permanently available from the user’s PC. Call log: keep track of all users’ calls (contact identification, date, time, duration etc.).

Supervision Functions
PIMphony makes teamwork easier thanks to a supervision window that allows you to define workgroups or services in the company (get a call or forward status of each person in the workgroup).

Assistant Mode
Associated with the supervision feature, the assistant window optimises your call reception. One-step transfer is possible with supervised people, preferred correspondents of the caller… An alarm can be tagged on waiting calls.

Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
It enables to display and monitor the phone sets of one OmniPCX Office RCE system

Multisite Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
It enables to display and monitor the phone sets of several OmniPCX Office systems (Multisite topology) on the operator’s PC screen.

Sets programming
The authorised operator(s) can manage the parameters and configuration of other employees’
phone sets: to lock/unlock access, to reset password, forward state etc.

Centralised directory on a Multisite topology
PIMphony attendant can manage and synchronise a centralised phone book on a Multisite topology.

Contact Manager Integration
PIMphony integrates with Contact Manager software such as Lotus Notes™, Microsoft® Outlook™, Microsoft® Business Contact Manager™, Microsoft® Access™, Act!®, GoldMine®. It can synchronise with their databases in order to provide services such as the automatic screen pop of contact cards for detailed information on the caller or the called person.

Visual Mailbox
To manage voice messages from your PC, with functions like: listen, delete, forward (with voice comment, save a distribution list…)

Unified Messaging

  • Automatic transfer of voice messages into the user email inbox
  • Conversation recording
  • On the associated phone set, archived on the PC.

IP Telephony

PIMphony can even function without a phone set: if PIMphony is run on IP mode, it turns a multimedia PC equipped with handset or headset into an IP terminal. It is a cost-efficient option for remote site users and also for mobile workers over a secure private connection (such as an IP VPN tunnel).