Success in business depends on relationships with trusted partners.

On the flip side, all business need to get an alternative quote from time to time to ensure they are not spending more than they need to.

Competition is necessary to keep prices low and productivity high. And as the Australian Carriage market consolidates, your current carrier may feel less urgency to advise you of any savings you can make on voice and data carriage.

In addition, you will find that while your carrier is wooing you, their level of service and ability to discount is high. But once the ink on your contract is dry, you may begin to feel like your carrier is taking you for granted, as they have very little incentive to propose new solutions that reduce your costs.

In addition, Carrier sales people tend to move around a lot, so when your current Carrier sales person moves on, you may be left to deal with with a junior exec who doesn’t have the same level of product knowledge.

This is where Evotec can help – you can call Evotec any time you need to get a competitive quote and an additional level of consultancy and advice on your voice and data carriage costs.

Many of our customers have saved a great deal of money over the years because we let them know when they are eligible to take up a new or discounted plans on their fixed, mobile and data contracts.

We get to know your business and provide an analysis of fixed lines, mobile and data services to ensure that they are operating as efficient as possible.

Fixed Voice:
Evotec can advise on the latest NBN-ready SIP technology and design a solution that reduces overall cost of line rental.

Enterprise grade ethernet and fibre solutions are now available that can enhance your productivity and reduce your costs.

Carriers are continually updating their offerings as the mobile market becomes more competitive and new technology is introduced. Evotec can help you get the idea mobile fleet plan for your business needs.

We can help with a range of other services to ensure your costs stay down. For example:

Call reporting software gives visibility and monitoring so you know where the money is going and allocate costs to the correct extension, department or site.

Call Centre Software is now an option for small business systems to help ensure optimum customer satisfaction. Benefits include:
• Improve customer service to grow revenue and retain customers
• Boost productivity and efficiency through smarter, faster and more responsive communication
• Gives you a competitive edge.

Contact Evotec on 1300 133 996 – as an IT and Telecommunications expert with 27 years in the industry, we’ll help you minimise costs, and maximise value, throughout the life of your tailored made solution.