MeetingMate 600x417

If staff and customers are nodding off during your sales meetings, it may not be your presentation skills that are to blame. Rather, it could be time to upgrade your boardroom projector.

The new high-tech Epson MeetingMate Ultra Short Throw Projectors will spice up your sales presentations and training sessions with multi-point collaboration and in-built sound.

No more hot and humming units hogging space on the boardroom table, no more asking people to move their shadows: the MeetingMate installs on the ceiling!

The range kicks off with the EB-1400Wi, which packs an amazing range of features for its $2900 RRP pricetag, not least of which is its brightness – up to 2,600 lumens.


  • Whiteboard Function – no more scrubbing whiteboards and flipping charts, you can run “instant meetings” without a PC! After the meetup, save, print or email your drawings and notes.
  • Load and save image files on USB or network drive
  • Print your meeting notes wirelessly (peer to peer) or to the network printer
  • Instantly share your meeting notes via email – to an individual or group address
  • Capture screenshots from PC, DVD, iPad etc and draw over it on the whiteboard, then save, print or email the annotated version
  • Split Screen Function allows images from 2 input sources to be projected simultaneously
  • Control Pad for Easy Operation – All buttons on the control pad can also be found on the remote control
  • Remote Interactive Collaboration – collaborate from multiple remote locations (up to 4)
  • Wireless Projection and Interactivity – project and use the interactive function without the wires (using peer to peer wireless and Epson’s EasyMP Network Projection software version 2.81)
  • Dual Pen Interactivity – with simultaneous dual pen functionality, you and a colleague can annotate at the same time
  • No Driver Installation Required for PC (Driver install is required for Mac)
  • Advanced Networking – monitor, control and present from a remote location
  • Connectivity includes HDMI, DisplayPort, USB display, PC-free slideshows, network and wireless
  • 10W Built-in Speaker – Built in audio