Symphonia began is 2008 with a major Unified Communications project for a multi-national company. 

The success of this product reinforced the view that, in their race to dominate the market, major software’s manufactures often pack too many features into their products. 

Softwares are too complex fot most organisations to use effectively. the maze of complexity works against true productivity. Customising these applications is too costly for most, resulting in software that is never fully integrated with your business processes. 

Symphonia has set out to change this, delivering a broad range of applications with the core functions that all organisations will use. 

Symphonia Voice and SMS Solutions

Symphonia is the easy to use, cost effective, feature rich, unified communications solution for professional organisations of all sizes. 

Symphonia’s Unified communications features can give your organisation a competitive advantage by making staff more productive and improving customer satisfaction. 

Symphonia offers seven powerful modules

  1. Auto Attendant – Easily create your own call flow 
  2. Call recording – Get total control and re-call of vital customer interactions with unlimited users and huge call recording capacity 
  3. Fax Server – easily handle faxes like emails – set up flow to instantly send faxes to the correct recipient 
  4. HR Manager – SMS-enabled tool that tracks, records and reports unplanned leave
  5. SMS Manager – Save on third party SMS costs, convert email to  SMS and SMS to email. Route incoming SMS messages to the ideal destination. 
  6. Voice Conference – Reduce costs by eliminating third party conferencing providers. Set up your own rooms and user lists
  7. Voicemail – Securely host your own voice mail system with unlimited voice mail boxes and recording time. 
 Key Benefits 
  • Cost-effective: Symphonia is the affordable alternative to a new enterprise Unified Commnications PABS system 
  • Flexible: Seven modules – buy one, add more as your business grows. Works with any phone system. 
  • Scalable: Connected up to 2000 users, up to 100 web users 
  • Easy to use: The intuitive interface means anyone can use Symphonia 
  • Simple to deploy: No change to existing equipment.