Screenbeam keeps the preso rollingScreenBeam Wireless Display Adaptor SBWD100A 500x334

So your team is delivering a multimedia/powerpoint presentation via the old non-wireless projector in the boardroom. You can see by the whites of their eyes that the sale is almost in the bag.

Then the CEO of your prospect asks a tough question best answered by your top nerd whose only act is a live demo from her laptop?

You start to sweat… Do you risk losing momentum by disconnecting your PC cable to get the propeller-head involved or do you soldier on and fake it?

Or you’re a teacher who walks into the classroom as the bell rings and you know you have 1.25 seconds to get the class engaged and on task before they start climbing out the windows. How good would it be to have a wireless projector?

Solution? Screenbeam by Actiontec.

With ScreenBeam Pro you can beam your entire laptop screen or just a portion to a large HDTV or HDMI projector. Easily switch between presenters without the hassles of cables. Enables easy connection, and collaboration.

buspres Ask Evotec for advice on the right Screenbeam model for your display and PC needs.