For campus, building backbone and Fiber-to-the-Desk networks, Evotec offers a wide range of Tyco Electronics / AMP NETCONNECT systems and solutions whether in Singlemode or Multimode, 1 Gigabit or 10 Gigabit Ethernet up to 550m.

Our solutions offer performance and reliability and are designed to work as a complete end-to-end infrastructure. All system components are tested together to ensure optimum performance every time.

Campus Backbone Installations

The campus installation is the part with the highest requirements and is most likely to be the heart of the network. Especially larger constructions need reliable and high performing systems.

Tyco Electronics offers high performing AMP NETCONNECT Multimode systems with optimised fibre and connectors. With our telecom networks knowledge we are also able to provide Singlemode systems in telecom provider quality.

The current 40/100G performance debate demonstrates that the future will always bring greater speed and higher requirements which fiber optic systems have to achieve.

Building Backbone Installations

The building backbone interconnects the building distributor with all floor distributors. The length of most installations is in the range of 300m.

AMP NETCONNECT Multimode solutions offer up to 550m for 10 Gigabit Ethernet in the cost effective 850nm window as well as common solution in OM1 and OM2 performance.

Horizontal Cabling (Fiber-to-the-Desk)

For complete Fiber-to-the-Desk solutions, we offer complete systems for different environments such as dado trunking or underfloor applications.

Our modern termination technologies allow cost effective and reliable installations.

Key Facts

  • Fibre network LAN, MAN and WAN
  • OM1, OM, OM3, OM3 Plus
  • OS1, OS2
  • 1 Gb/s, 10 Gb/s, 40 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s
  • Optimised connecting hardware which meets Telstra standards
  • Innovative termination technology
  • More than 25 years experience in LAN, MAN and WAN environments.