PhoneControl Call Accounting

Phone Control Call Accounting software empowers you to monitor, analyse and report on the usage and costs of telephone system services in your organisation.

It automatically calculates and disperses the cost of VoIP, fixed-line, mobile devices and related charges to departments, cost centres and customers, allowing you to measure the performance of your communications, in real-time or historically, for any number of services, sites or countries in the world.

Phone Control Call Accounting has a wide range of applications to suit your industry and organisation.

Evotec can analyse your requirements and configure a solution to meet your exact call account and reporting requirements.


Manage communications – identify and cancel unused lines and change mobile plans to reduce costs

Justify telecom spending – understand where telecom costs are generated and make departments accountable.

Understand staff productivity – track and report on Critical Performance statistics for agents or staff, including number and type of calls, (average) call duration and origin /destination.

Improve customer service – ensure calls are answered in a timely manner and know how often and how long staff are speaking to your customers.

Highlight system abuse – identify potential system abuse by reporting usage during out-of-office hours, over a certain cost or duration, or unauthorised destinations.

Disperse cost to departments, cost centres and clients – allocate the costs of VoIP, fixed line, mobile telephony, Internet usage and related charges to departments, cost centres, employees or projects using PIN, Authorisation or Account codes, with a percentile surcharge if required.

Support legal and regulatory requirements – provides detailed proof that particular calls have been made – or not made.

Protect your employees – trace, report and/or alarm on emergency, malicious, abusive or threatening calls.

Identify system misuse – identify possible misuse such as staff calling the companies 1800/1300 number using a mobile phone.

Integration with Financial Packages – import into your financial packages, Property Management Systems, Accounts Payable and other software using user definable Import/Export facilities.

User-definable reports – Detail, Summary, Frequency, Call & System Exception, Graphical, Traffic, Account Code, Budget, Trend, Authorisation Code, Organisational, Departmental, Individual, Cost Centre, Quality of Service, interactive Business/Private Call reports. Graphs and Drill-down options are available where possible. Reports can be saved in all popular file formats and encrypted with password protection. Reports can be created and viewed online or scheduled for automatic distribution via email to the creator or all users specified in the report.

Online Directory – The LDAP-compatible Directory maintains and provides central and secure access to contact details of staff and, if required, external parties, such as customers or suppliers. The Directory can be fully customised to include any additional fields or sub-tables you need, which can be used to register useful information of different services or assets.

Secure, scalable and robust – Based on MS SQL Server, Phone Control applications are reliable and scalable to an unlimited number of locations and users. Secure hierarchical access gives individual users limited access to their own data and Heads-of-Departments access to data of all users belonging to their departments. Definable password complexity and maximum number of login tries before user account is locked. Log files are available to record all login and user activities.