Telstra Mobile Device Management makes it easier, simpler and more convenient to manage smart devices.

It provides a central online tool to manage employee smartphones and tablets when they are in a Telstra Mobile Network coverage area. The cloud-based service covers the most popular device operating systems like Apple and Google Android™. What’s more, Telstra Mobile Device Management works just as well whether you have one device or many thousands of devices.

If you’re an IT administrator, you probably have to contend with the increasing use of smartphones and tablets across the enterprise, plus a growing number of staff who access corporate data through personal devices.  Staff are also demanding more functionality from their mobile device when they are out of the office. That means it’s harder to ensure corporate data remains secure, while device management is becoming more complex and time-consuming.



 Hosted by Telstra

 All you need is internet access and login details.  No costs of running a new server


 Quickly see what devices your staff are using and the applications installed on those devices

 Deploy Applications

 Help increase productivity by getting staff the tools they need

 Device Agnostic

 Supports the most popular Android and iOS tablets


 Easily setup and configure new devices without bring them into the office


T-MDM is available at an additional $5 per month (incl GST) with any Telstra Mobile Broadband® Plan. Please note, this charge covers access to the T-MDM portal and standard data charges apply for using T-MDM in Australia.

This is a casual monthly plan and can be added or removed from a customer’s service at any time without penalty. (For customers who cancel T-MDM and are connected to a Telstra Mobile Connect Plan, their eligible device will remain on the T-MDM portal for the duration of their Telstra Mobile Connect plan).

This charge is in addition to any other charge as part of the customer’s eligible TMB service.

What is the difference between T-MDM and Mobile Connect Plans?


 Mobile Connect Plans

 T-MDM Plan

 Monthly Price

 Varies ($0 to $69.95)


 Access to T-MDM



 Technical Support



 Unlimited SSL traffic (in Australia)



 Data allowance (for use in Australia)



 Target customer

 For devices on greater than $0 voice spend

 For devices on $0 voice spend