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Evotec’s Carriage division designs business telecommunications solutions, utilising the resources of Australia’s leading telecommunications carrier, Telstra. Our expertise spans four key areas of Telstra’s solution portfolio: We will analyse your office fixed voice communications costs and identify the plan that optimises your investment.

We will select a competitive and flexible mobile telephony plan, utilising Australia’s leading mobile network.

Today’s telecommunications landscape offers businesses a range of fixed voice providers. Evotec’s Carriage team specialises in assessing your call patterns and recommending a solution that minimises your fixed telephony costs.

Call plans

We recommend call plans from Australia’s leading telecommunications provider, Telstra. Telstra’s fixed voice business offering consists of:

Guaranteed access to Australia’s leading telecommunications network

Telstra’s fixed voice network boasts unparalleled superiority. The company’s history as Australia’s leading telecommunications carrier has afforded it the opportunity to develop a fixed voice network with the geographical coverage and carriage capacity to enable it to serve businesses Australia-wide.

It also offers the possibility of reduction of call charges during the contract term. The guarantee and cost transparency enables Telstra customers to retain greater control of their telecommunications costs.

Competitive pricing and bonus offers

Telstra has committed to maintaining its competitiveness within the fixed voice market. It continues to develop new and innovative call plans that enable businesses to minimise telecommunications costs. As a Telstra fixed voice customer, your company may enjoy a monthly rebate on eligible calls.

We will help mobilise your workforce with a wireless data solution. With NextGTM 4G, your staff will be able to connect to e-mail and your network wherever they are.

We can also design a data network that enables your offices to share critical resources and applications.