The Telstra Wireless Telemetry service supports machine to machine (M2M) communications where a remote machine is monitored or controlled by a central service/device.

Wireless Telemetry is when the network link between the two machines is established via a cellular network (GPRS, 3G or Next G (TM) networks). Any machine, static (ie. vending machines) or moving (ie, Cars, Trucks), located indoors or out, for both leisure and business use, could have cellular mobile technology embedded.

Typical industries using Wireless Telemetry (M2M) solutions include:

  • Utilities – to monitor remote substations and provide meter readings
  • Transport – fleet management of vehicles, cargo or any other asset.
  • Agriculture – to monitor moisture levels in the soil to activate irrigation when required
  • Security – monitoring of remote sites or equipment and transmission of security camera footage.


Data Plan Monthly
Access Fee^

Monthly Included
Eligible Data Allowance*

Excess Usage

Contract Term




Month to Month




Month to Month




Month to Month




Month to Month

When calculating data volumes:

  • Where the volume of data transferred is not a whole number of kilobytes, it is rounded up to the next kilobyte at the earlier end of each session or 24 hours; and;
  • 1024 bytes 1 kilobyte (kB) and 1024 kilobytes – 1 megabyte (MB)
  • Customers must connect and stay connected to the Telstra $0 Telemetry Voice Plan
  • MRO is available for 24 month term only.