Symphonia began in 2008 with a major Unified Communications project for a multi-national company.

The success of this project reinforced our view that, in their race to dominate markets, major software manufacturers often pack too many features into their products.

Their software is simply too complex for most organisations to use effectively. The maze of complexity works against true productivity. Customising these applications is too costly for most organisations, resulting in software that is never fully integrated with your business processes.

Training staff to use and maintain these packages is another challenge, often requiring specialist consultants.

Symphonia has set out to change all this. We deliver a broad-range of applications with the core functions that all organisations want and need. With Symphonia Voice Application Server, you get all the features and reliability you need, in a simple and functional package.

And if you need customisation to match your unique business processes, we can do it for you at an affordable price.

The result is far more productive software that people want to use. Simply better communications.