Lifesize-Cloud-Amplify 420x243 Secure video conference recording is now easy to achieve with LifeSize Cloud Amplify.

LifeSize Cloud Amplify allows you to record a video call or meeting and immediately share the conversation with others inside and outside of the organisation

Lifesize Cloud Amplify is a cloud-based one-click recording, sharing and auto-publishing solution.

It lets users capture important meetings, conversations, events, ideas and important milestones, and instantly share them. Your video auto-publishes immediately – everyone in the conversation gets the recording in their personal video library.

Lifesize Cloud Amplify Features

  • One-click recording
  • Auto-publishing
  • Instant playback
  • Video access controls at the account level and user level
  • Personal video library for every user
  • Security in-flight and in storage.

Use Cases

  • Executive Communications – Corporate announcements, Team Meetings, Work discussions for playback when needed
  • Training – New hire orientation, Sales training and demonstrations
  • Engineering, Project reviews, Site audits
  • Legal Depositions, Testimony
  • Healthcare – Clinical peer reviews – Physician case notes
  • Education – K–12 Schools, Universities, Colleges, Distance learning and flipped classrooms, Playback for aid in studying and exam prep.

Create your own Business Video Channel

Only Lifesize Cloud Amplify provides every user their very own personal video library. Videos are logically organised by date, yet users have the autonomy to move and retitle them, “like” popular videos, and flag videos to watch later.

For the videos you own, you can also share them with anyone inside your organisation.

And if your Lifesize Cloud Amplify account manager has enabled sharing outside of your company, you can send videos to partners, vendors and other constituents as well.


Lifesize is serious about security. Your videos are always encrypted; both during the recording and while stored in personal video libraries. Only colleagues and others the owner grants permission to view can watch the video.


Lifesize Cloud and Icon Series

Connecting a Lifesize Icon and Lifesize Cloud provides an unparalleled meeting room experience.

Up to 25 participants can collaborate at a time. Simply click to add or accept more participants!

Lifesize Cloud handles firewall traversal providing business-class security and encryption.

You get the highest quality video, audio and presentation for a room video system and mobile apps, designed for robust business applications.

Lifesize Cloud links Lifesize Icon room video systems to laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Features include:

  • Instant + Scheduled Calls — Call anyone instantly or have everyone dial into a virtual meeting room.
  • Shared Directory — When it’s time to call someone, simply scroll through the directory to see if they’re available, and call them with one quick click.
  • Calls All Devices — rings your video system, laptop, tablet and smartphone for a video call.
  • Lifesize Icon comes with the Lifesize Cloud software preloaded so it works right out of the box — plug it into any IP outlet and away you go.
  • Your directory is auto-populated — now every user in your network has instant access to every user and custom- named meeting room.
  • It pushes software updates automatically to you so you never have to update your device.

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(The Cloud Client works on Microsoft, MAC, Android and iOS Devices)

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