Unify, formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications, has a range of stylish desktop phones, with entry-level to executive models is available for TDM and IP environments. Employees will enjoy the ease-of-use and high-definition voice quality, while IT managers will like the simple integration with your communications environment.

Key features

  • High definition voice featuring the very latest acoustic developments
  • State-of-the-art technology including touch sensitive controls and a rich and intuitive menu system
  • Extensive support for SIP, providing for unified communications and interoperability
  • Extensive telephony features for TDM or IP
  • Open, standards-based approach to business application and process integration via XML
  • Built-in Bluetooth for hands-free operation via standard headsets
  • Easy-to-deploy and maintain from centralized IT management tools

openstage 15

OpenStage 15

OpenStage 15 is suitable for a wide variety of users and is available for TDM, HFA, and SIP environments.


openstage 20

OpenStage 20

OpenStage 20 is suited to a broad range of office users and is available for TDM, HFA, and SIP environments.

OpenStage 30

OpenStage 30

OpenStage 30 features a number of configurable function keys and expansion modules, making it ideal for specialists who frequently place outbound calls. OpenStage 30 is available for TDM environments.


openstage 40

OpenStage 40

OpenStage 40 is a good match for desk sharers, people working in teams and call center staff, thanks to its large display and customisability. It is available for TDM, HFA, and SIP environments.


openstage 60

OpenStage 60

OpenStage 60 is designed for power users, with crystal-clear high definition voice, a vivid LCD display and wide range of features. OpenStage 60 is available for TDM, HFA, and SIP environments.

To arrange a demonstration of Unify Handsets and endpoints, call Evotec – your Unify Premium Partner on 1300 133 996.

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