Gain greater control of your data with a flexible and easy-to-use Metro Area Network (MAN) designed to improve productivity across a number of sites.

IP MAN is a high bandwidth data access service, widely available in Metropolitan, Urban and Regional locations with scalable bandwidth from 2-4Gbps.

IP MAN, is a layer 3 IP VPN solution and is seamlessly integrated with other services in the IP Solutions suite. Customers can interconnect their offices nationally to their IP MAN and IP WAN sites by using an IP MAN Wide Area Port (aka interconnect).

Note that IP MAN is tariffed for local access. The Wide Area Port is an Australian Wide independent tariff. The IP MAN service is available with Dynamic Class of Service (DCoS) enabling the prioritisation of IP-data across the Telstra Next IP network.

This is ideal for converging all IP-data types and applications to operate harmoniously on the one data network.

Features and Benefits

  • Facilitate more efficient usage of bandwidth
  • Prioritise your traffic levels in more detail
  • Help monitor performance of network components
  • Scalable bandwidth – you can choose the option to change the data access capacity of each connected site, from 2Mbps up to 1Gbps > 1Gbps options are available
  • 6 Classes of Service (6CoS) – you can be assured that priority will be given to latency/time sensitive applications
  • Ethernet interface -the ethernet interface enables your business to use affordable Ethernet-based network equipment
  • Multicast Virtual Private Network (MVPN) – send a single stream of traffic to selected recipients simultaneously, reducing bandwidth requirements and offering greater flexibility and scalability
  • IP Fast Reroute (utilises the BFD protocol in conjunction with the BGP) IP MAN Wide Area Port – enables flexibility for customers to maintain wide area connectivity requirements to meet traffic needs on a per-service basis
  • Enhanced reporting functionality – IP MAN reporting is available through the NGDR (Next Generation Data Reporting) portal
  • Access types – choose varying levels of redundancy to suit critical business needs. Build resiliency in your network with access types ranging from Single Uplink IP MAN to Fully Redundant IP MAN.