Hybrid IP System for Medium to Large Business and Hospitality    Hybrex GDS-1280

Today’s large enterprises need reliable, flexible, remotely accessible, easy-to-manage voice communications solutions. The GDS1280 answers this need.

The GDS1280 is an Enterprise Class Communication System that provides an integrated, interactive solution for medium-sized businesses, large corporations, chained hotels and hospitals.

The solution combines traditional telephone functions with support for IP enabled telephony and communications to provide an effective and complete communications solution for cost-conscious companies on the cutting edge.

GDS1280 Benefits and Features:

  • High scalability, with support for up to 1,280 ports
  • Protection of existing investments through easy upgrades of existing GDS 600 systems
  • Easy to manage, deploy and maintain
  • Protects investment for large and medium-sized companies.
  • Provides medium-sized companies with the same advanced features as larger companies, without needing dedicated,high-level technical resources and staff.
  • Uninterruptible operation thanks to redundant control units in the central system (optional).
  • Power supply protection thanks to redundant power unit in the central system (optional)
  • Boosts employee productivity and customer interaction by delivering full services to all staff members at all locations.

GDS1280 Structure and Physical Features

The GDS1280 comprises an extended assemblage of standard GDS 80 port cabinets with the GDS1280 master unit at the head.


For reliability the GDS1280 head unit has options of a second redundant Processor Unit and second redundant Power Supply so system up time is assured in the event of any problem.
The standard GDS battery backup options are also available so the business telephone system can be protected against any mains power fluctuations or outages.

Standard Componentry:

Apart from the 1280 Head Unit itself, the design and use of standard GDS 80 port cabinets means ready availability of all standard Hybrex “G2” class interface components, interchangeability, and an easy upgrade path for existing GDS600 system owners.


A GDS1280 system does not have to be a fully populated system. 1280 systems can be started with as few as one or two cabinets, and have cabinets added as required.