What Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) do

HPE is a global, edge-to-cloud Platform as a service company built to transform your business, by helping you connect, protect, analyse and act on all your data and applications wherever they live, from edge to cloud, so you can turn insights into outcomes at speed required to thrive in todays complex world.

“At HPE, we’re ushering in a new era: the Age of Insight, where we make all your data work for you, wherever it lives. This era will lead to services and products we can’t vet imagine, and it will generate discoveries that elevate the greater well-being of every human on this planet” – Antonio Neri, President, CEO

HPE Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Containers - Drive faster delivery and iteration. Continuously release and improve products and services for business agility.
Machine Learning - Rapidly build, train and deploy ML models - from pilot to production, at any scale
Virtual Machine - Gain speed and flexibility with scalable, pay per use virtualised infrastructure.
Private Cloud - Build a flexible, secure private cloud with point and click provisioning to stand up VMs in minutes.
Big Data - get security, performance and faster time to business insights with a built for purpose Hadoop solution.
SAP HANA - Get the most of your SAP HANA platform with supporting infrastructure that provides rigorous availability, security and reliability standards.
Database Platform - Reduce costs with an open-source database platform
VDI - Get the benefits of on-premise VDI, including security, seamless user experience and productivity.
Managed Cloud Services - Enjoy a managed cloud environment for your public and private clouds that automates cloud operations
Data protection - Combine the simplicity, agility and economics of public cloud with the security and performance of an on-premise backup environment
Networking - Choose your best fit solution for network as a service, including cloud and on premise options with Aruba
Storage - Choose the storage solution that best meets your needs: HPE Primera, HPE 3PAR or HPE StoreServ
Compute - Choose from a family of versatile, resilient, software-defined servers suited to diverse workloads
High Performance Compute - Combine the power of industry-leading, high performance computing infrastructure

HPE Ezmeral Software Portfolio

HPE Ezmeral Container Platform - Provides an enterprise-grade platform to deploy Kubernets at scale for a wide range of use cases on bare metal or VMs
HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric - Delivers enterprise-wide global access to data from edge to cloud, with best in class reliability, security and performance.
HPE Ezmeral ML Ops - increases speed and agility for machine learning ops by operationalising end to end process from pilot to production.
HPE Ezmeral IT Ops and Automation - HPE OneView and HPE InfoSight introduce automations and AI into IT Ops, improving productivity and mitigating risk of service disruption
HPE Managed Cloud Controls - Ensures cost control and compliance across clouds to achieve the full promise of your cloud investments
Security Software - HPE is a contributor to CFCF's open source SPIFFE and SPIRE projects, that allow you to deploy consistent, fine-grained service authentication across heterogeneous environments.

IT Infrastructure

Ignite Innovation with Cloud - The HPE strategy leverages any cloud to drive innovation and deliver a consistent experience with composability across containers, clouds and bare metal
Redefine Experiences at the Edge - Delivering the intelligent edge, powering new immersive mobile experiences and delivering real-time intelligence in industrial environments
Unleash the Power of Your Data - Accelerate insights from data everywhere with an approach that's AI-driven, built for cloud and delivering as a service.
Artificial Intelligence - Realise the value of artificial intelligence faster with proven, practical approaches to create new application experiences, and achieve breakthrough innovations
Internet of Things - Infrastructure, apps and security internet of things solutions create new experiences and drive smarter operations from data captured at the Intelligent Edge
Deep Learning - AI solutions that accelerate your data's value to drive business insights
Containers - Open and flexible solutions that can help you accelerate container deployment and operations
High Performance Computing (HPC) - Products and expertise that make supercomputing more accessible and affordable for organisations and industries of all sizes
Security - A foundation of innovative infrastructure security features that go beyond perimeter security, arming your systems to prevent, detect and recover from threats
Composable infrastructure - Software-defined solutions built on intelligent infrastructure that deliver a cloud experience on premises
Virtualisation - Solutions that help you optimise your virtualised infrastructure in your data centre so you can innovate with speed
Business Continuity - HPE is bringing together the right expertise, support, financial flexibility and technology solutions to meet your most immediate challenges and unexpected demands

HPE Technology Services

Cloud Consulting Services - Embrace the cloud faster with Evotec and HPE and our team of consultants who can help you build the right cloud for your business while evolving your team's culture and skills
IT Modernisation - Create the right platform for your IT operations and dramatically speed your path to infrastructure transformation
Networking, Digital Workplace and IoT Services - Build smart workplaces, venues and cities with the design and implementation expertise you need to build a communication infrastructure that can support digital transformation
Security and Digital Protection Services - Transform from reactive static security to intelligent, adaptive models to keep pace with new cyber threats and technology initiatives.

HPE Datacentre Care Services - Steamline your IT operations with both proactive and reactive support.
HPE Foundation Care Services - Protect your business, not just your technology, minimise the time needed to troubleshoot, monitor and remediate issues.
HPE Proactive Care Services - Reduce the number of problems and respond rapidly when they do occur. Get both reactive and proactive support service deliverables for your HPE IT devices and systems so you can focus on business

About us

With a portfolio unequalled in its breath and flexibility, over 30 years’ experience and three national offices, Evotec are committed to designing, implementing and supporting innovative technology solutions based on the unique requirements of your business.