Telstra EnterprisePartner web Telstra Secure is a scalable, fully defined, maintained and 3rd party accredited security service that offers an end-to-end security service specifically designed to meet your needs, alleviate insurance risks and help minimise costs.

Telstra Secure is a full security service that provides your organisation:

Risk Mitigation

Telstra Secure has been fully accredited to meet Levels 4 & 5 of the latest (2008) AS2201.5 Security standards and is fully committed to maintaining that accreditation. This accreditation ensures insurance protection for both Security Companies and their customers.

Help Reduce Costs

Telstra can help reduce your costs by looking after all aspects of the service, this includes –

  • Scalability and maintenance of the Service – to lower your operational costs, Telstra maintains all network servers and provides you with Levels 1, 2 & 3 support
  • Accreditation maintenance – to alleviate insurance requirements
  • Roadmap development – to ensure you have the most up-to-date security feature
  • All for a singular low monthly cost.
  • Reliability and Security

Telstra Secure has been designed by leading Security manufacturers and Telstra, to operate over Telstra networks and to meet Telstra’s stringent quality standards.  Telstra Secure ensures Reliability & Security with a four pronged approach:

  1. Operation over fully private network – Fully resistant to web-based attacks protecting the Security Company and end customer.
  2. Private Dedicated VPNs – prevents the “contamination” of Security traffic within the Telstra Network
  3. Encrypted Security Information – alarming information transmitted is encrypted using a highly secure Triple DES algorithm.
  4. Telstra Next IP™ network backbone – Australia’s most secure (ISO 27001 certified*), redundant and accessible IP Network forms the backbone to Telstra Secure.


  • Telstra Secure has a range of features that define it as a best of breed Security offering:
  • Telstra Secure Wireless is a low cost, quick solution with low complexity
  • Streamlined provisioning processes
  • Ease of Install (Zero touch installation mechanism)
  • Competitive Flat fee pricing structure (no per byte pricing)
  • Implements a network managed alarm system (not a point to point alarm system)
  • Operates over the Telstra Next IP™ MPLS network.