OmniTouch MyIC Phone 8082 Take advantage of Alcatel-Lucent’s latest upgrade to the popular OmniPCX Telephone System.

Alcatel-Lucent’s latest OmniPCX Office latest version – 10.1 – makes this one of the best SMB systems available for its robust usability and wide range of smart features.

In addition to added memory and power for the CPU, the OXO v10 has a long list of benefits, including:

  • Get Call – move from mobile phone to handset by pressing a button on your handset
  • Get Call – both ways on DECT handsets
  • Unified Instant Messaging – IMs appear on all devices – and synched so when deleted, they are deleted on all devices. Up to 5000 message capacity.
  • Missed Call Status shows on all my devices
  • Enhanced Call Log – view the last 100 calls
  • OpenTouch Conversation for iPhone and Android
  • Smart call routing – can send calls to up to 5 different locations with up to 10 different calendars – great for multi-site destinations
    8242 DECT charger call back f l copy 200-387
  • 8242 DECT – new handset
  • New 8125 AudioOffice – the next-generation conference module that adds premium quality sound and easy-to-use audio conferencing capabilities to Alcatel-Lucent DeskPhones and SoftPhones, charge your mobile devices and play music on its high-fi speakers.
  • Security Optimised – added protection against hacking and toll fraud
  • SIP Trunking Ready
  • SIP Companion in VoIP mode
  • Pimphony Touch upgraded with a Windows 8.1 look and feel, including instant messaging
  • Live tiles, ability to re-size the app, compatible with tablets and MS Surface 2 and 3.
  • Up to 50 user favourites with presence
  • Premium Handsets with distinctive ringing difference on internal vs external call – choice of up to 8 melodies
  • Connects with the LDAP Directory so you can make calls using the Corporate Directory.

Features of Alcatel-Lucent OXO

  • Mobility Client for Android, iPhone and tablets – Enables access to system features from your mobile.
  • One Number / mobile twinning – no longer need to advertise multiple numbers for agents. 
  • Remote working – secure access to all system features, functions & directories 
  • Voicemail to email
  • Outlook Plug-In – make calls to any contact from your corporate directory, OXO, Outlook or Social networks. Set your presence and view your current call details.
  • Opportunity to reduce call costs with VoIP-ready SIP trunking
  • Improved call centre interface
  • Revolutionary desktop communication with My IC Phone 8082 – with ability for in-house video calls (pictured)
  • Never leave a call unanswered
  • Record and archive sensitive calls
  • Intelligent, flexible and customised call routing and distribution
  • Improved voice mail, auto-attendant, personal assistant, intelligent call distribution
  • Improved remote/home worker solutions: use the complete office desktop environment at home, in hotel, on the road, securely.