The reality of Call Recording has not always lived up to the promise.

Most disappointments relate to the difficulty in finding the specific calls you need from the mass of calls made each day.

And if your aim is to improve performance and you record calls without recording the user’s screen activity, you’re only looking at half the story.

Adutante Call Recording solves this by providing advanced search functions to allow you to retrieve specific calls quickly. And it allows you to monitor telephone calls live and capture PC screen activity – thereby providing all the data you need to improve service and training.

Adutante Call Recording is reliable, powerful, scalable and customised telephone monitoring software for recording and monitoring incoming and outgoing calls. Adutante’s browser-based user interface reduces your overall training time and enables you to monitor and conduct quality control tests, retrieve important calls quickly and easily with powerful search features, run reports, conduct QC, reduce liability.

Features include:

  • Run custom reports to improve business operations
  • Reduce exposure for liability and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Auto archive recordings for virtually unlimited storage
  • Customised tests for training and quality control
  • Monitor Live Phone Calls – improve your training and quality assurance
  • Grade and Score Calls for Quality Control
  • Browser-based solution allowing easy access and retrieval of your recordings and data
  • Search/Playback.Silence Parts of the Audio
  • Extract Parts of a Recording – allows you to delete inappropriate or irrelevant recording
  • Email a Recording
  • Trunk, Extension
  • Record Multiple Lines
  • Analog, Digital, VoIP, ISDN
  • Custom Permissions

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