Telstra All-4-Biz Banner

Telstra is continually improving its business services in preparation for the National Broadband rollout.

For business owners, this means some good opportunities as Telstra aims to maximise its market share. If your overall phone bill is over $1000 a month, you may like to look at signing up for an All-4-Biz plan.

All-4-Biz bundles reward businesses that combine their services with Telstra. Fixed lines, mobile, broadband, T-Suite®, Data & IP and other eligible services can all be added to your account. The bigger plan you get, the cheaper the call rates become. Get low call rates and extra benefits – such as free voice calls in Australia between fixed and mobile phones on your All-4-Biz plan. There’s also a Loyalty Bonus, available upfront, which you can use for approved products or charges.

You’ll also have the freedom to add or remove services as your needs change.

All-4-Biz bundles include:

  • Free voice calls in Australia between all the fixed and mobile phones on your All-4-Biz account, subject to Telstra’s FairPlay policy.
  • One plan with low rates for your fixed and mobile services.
  • One convenient bill for all the services on your All-4-Biz account.
  • A Loyalty Bonus for you to spend on approved services and equipment.
  • The freedom to change, add or remove services as your needs change.

All-4-Biz plans are designed for Telstra Business customers, and are not appropriate for Enterprise and Government customers.

You have to commit to a minimum spend of between $1000 to $60,000 a month. You nominate eligible Telstra services to be added to your All-4-Biz account “Monthly Included Value”. Most Telstra products including BigPond are eligible to draw from the Included Value.

Exceptions include:

  • Any Mobile plan that is not an All-4-Biz Mobile Plan (e.g. FleetSelect, Mobile Plus, Phone Plan, etc)
  • BusinessLine Part or BusinessLine Choice access plan
  • Any ELN/Residential Access Plan, e.g. HomeLine
  • Business Bundles i.e. Digital Business Biz Essentials , NBN Bundles etc

Loyalty Bonus

Customers who take up an All-4-Biz Mach III Plans will receive a Loyalty Bonus that can be used anytime during the term of the contract to purchase eligible telecommunications equipment and some once-off Telstra charges.